2011-07-18 Rx Conf Call

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Rob Hallowell (chair), Hugh Glover (scribe), Ana Estelrich, John Hatem, Jean-Henri Duteau, Tom de Jong

Ballot Prep

Both Medication Knowledgebase Query and Medication Statement have been loaded and the ponly remaining issues are small PubDB KB issues.

Hugh away on holiday but can provide some support late this week if required.

The IDMP Messaging ballot should be up on preview site soon. Any advance review comments would be appreciated.

List Topics

No Known Medication

CDA R2 is not aligned with latest negation indicators. there are also problems with attributes vs elements and the use of null flavours. However a s solution has now been found that aligns nicely with the Pharmacy solution. This is a satisfactory outcome.

Tom pressed for documentation on how to express this - Structured Documents will be doing that documentation.

CDA R3 will provide a complete solution.


There is a conference call tomorrow. Tom's concern is that the process is not quite apprpriate: the process seems to be that the Australian requirements are being used to generate a model that is then being compared with the existing HL7 model. This runs a significant risk that a model that is semantically close is developed when the existing one could actually have been used.

Action Items

Suggestion made to try and work through items on conf calls at some point in future.

TSC Elections

Rob will be reporting votes received - let him know if your name is not on list.

OOC Plans

Ana has authority to go ahead with meeting as and how we wish. "Logistics are not an issue". Tentative dates are October 6 and 7th. 5th will be IHE joint.

Motion  Proposed Hugh, Seconded Jean-Henri: Rob will start offical process for having an Out of Cycle Meeting in Paris at the PHAST offices October 5th 6th 7th 2011 with 1st day overlaping with IHE meeting. Passed 5,0,0
Rob will push process forward.
Ana/Tom  will arrange agenda for joint day and will liase with Jurgen.

CPM Govenance

There was further discussion of issues to be resolved.

Rob and Hugh will pursue.