2011-07-04 Rx Conf Call

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Rob Hallowell (chair), Hugh Glover (scribe), Tim Buxton, Jean-Henri Duteau, Ana Estelrich, Julie James (first half of meeting)


Melva Peters, John Hatem, Garry Cruickshank

Outstanding Actions from Previous Calls


CPM Governance

  • Julie wanted to understand what was happening with CPM Governance.
  • The group looked at the OO minutes from Q2 Tuesday in Orlando where this was discussed and those who had been present felt it was a fair summary. However nothign seems to have happened.
Hugh to send eMail to Gunther and Hans quoting minutes and asking what is happening.

ISO Dose Syntax

Tim has spoken to the WG 6 convener (Ian Shepherd) and while it appears there has been no joined up activity there is no objection to Scott becoming the project lead.

Scott to write to Convener


  • Jean-Henri spoke in support of Paris meeting and against time at San-Diego
  • Julie supported his viewpoint
  • There was some discussion of agenda - Hugh felt it was important to have joint time with IHE as an explicit part of the agenda of both IHE and HL7
  • Rob thinks Paris with IHE is good idea and makes it easier to get funding.
  • Ana would like to have some sense of numbers for planning purposes.
  • It was noted that a number of key individuals have indicated they could not attend a San Diego OOC.
Hugh will put together a formal proposal for the list.

ISO IDMP Messaging Ballot Resolution

Line Items 6 & 10 Hugh gave the background and explained this was one that did not have an immediately obvious answer. There was some thought and discussion before deciding that there was no grounds for having an actStatus attribute. Proposed Tim, Seconded Jean-Henri 4,0,0

Line item 11 There was some explanation of context for those without access to the material. Resolution was then accepted - Proposed Tim, Seconded Jean-Henri 4,0,0

All remaining items were requests for addition of missing content, or observations on wording. All draft resolutions were accepted as a block. Proposed Tim, Seconded Jean-Henri 4,0,0

TSC Elections

Rob will organise an eMail vote

Agenda for Next Week

is here