2011-06-13 Rx Conf Call

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Hugh Glover (chair & scribe), Julie James, Melva Peters, Vassil Peytchev, Wendy Huang, John Hatem


Tom de Jong, Tim Buxton, Jean-Henri Duteau

Outstanding Actions from Previous Calls


ISO Dose Syntax

Tim will follow up as to who will taken over from Jo Goulding - probably John Arnott.
Tim will drop John Quin a note that Pharmacy is interested


John will look at possibility of web space for draft publishing

Action Item List (Hugh/John)

Orlando Items - progress

John has reviewed minutes and has added them to the action item list for adding to subversion. Did not include items known to be completed.

ALL:  Need to review these additions.  Will review them next week.

WGM Minutes Review

  • When Johnn went through minutes he found some items to improve
John will do the improvements and re-post

Vocab Harmonisation from Canada - Wendy/Julie/Melva

Wendy presented 4 proposals. Aiming to bring back to Pharmacy on June 27th at latest.

  • Orderable Drug Form - definition missing. Julie - concern to make definitions consistent with CPM
  • Medication Generalization Role Type - add new role of "Therapeutic Class". Problem is absence of an adequate definition.
  • Query Parameter Value - adding values for identifying groups of dispenses.
  • Substance Administration Type - values for SBADM.code. This is going back over difficult ground. Need to find a better means of explaining the use of SBADM.code
Hugh will send prev SBADM.code Harmonisation Proposal to Wendy.
Wendy/Julie/Melva to meet for discussion on Friday

ISO IDMP Ballot Reconcilliation - Substances (Hugh)

Some discussion took place and there was a motion to accept comments proposed by Melva and seconded by Julie. The vote established that the meeting was no longer quorate and further discussion was abandoned.