2011-05-03 Rx Conf Call

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Rob Hallowell (chair), Hugh Glover (notes), Julie James, John Hatem, Jean-Duteau, Scott Robertson

Action Items from April 26th

  • Publishing Joint Invite Don Lloyd for WGM Monday Qtr 1 then some members of Pharmacy will go to Publishing later in the week. Tom to organise.
  • CPM discussion about replacement of Medication CMETs - Hugh will try and do gap analysis in advance.
  • Tom will see if there will be enough people to be worth meeting on Friday.

IDMP Ballot Resolution

The comments provided for IDMP ISO 11240 and 11239 weree reviewed and accepted. The exact voting details are given in the ballot resolution spreadsheets which will be posted tomorrow. In each case motions to accept negatives were proposed by John Hatem and Seconded by Scott Robertson, while the motion to accept the affirmative comments as a block were proposed by Jean-Henri Duteau and seconded by John Hatem.

Pharmacy Project Briefs

The project briefs circulated by eMail earlier in the week were discussed. In particular we established that these are an HL7 wide introduction to the project activity of the committee and are based on material from Project Insight. Overall we felt it was worth making some immediate corrections and then discussing them in more detail during the WGM.

The following agreed to make an immediate review:

Med Order - John,    Med KB - Hugh,  NCPDP - Scott,  Dispense &Supply was not allocated.

Preparatory Material for WGM

We looked at some material provided by Ana

we felt it was useful background that should be put on the wiki provided Ana is in agreement (Hugh)

For the discussion with Structured Documents we felt that a discussion focussed on, say, medication material in CCD would give a useful basis for progress.

Tom will send eMail to Bob Dolin

We also felt we should describe goal for session - while it would be good to have this in advance at the worst we can sort this out at the WGM on Monday Q1.

Agenda for 10th May

  • Standing Items
    • Report on action items
    • Ongoing List Server Discussions
    • AoB
    • Agenda for next week
    • Expected attendance and apologies
  • IDMP/ISO Ballot Reconciliation
  • Threads for WGM
  • WGM Agenda follow up
  • Medication CMETS from CPM
  • Preparatory material for WGM - follow up

Expected Attendance

Rob Hallowell (chair), Tom de Jong, Hugh Glover, Julie James, Scott Robertson, John Hatem