2011-04-12 Rx Conf Call

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Rob Hallowell (chair), Hugh Glover (notes), John Hatem, Scott Robertson, Ana Estelrich, Tom de Jong,


Julie James, Tim Buxton

Action Items

There are no outstanding items beyond those dealt with below.

BALLOT Preparation Review

Confirmation Ballots

The following may still be outstanding issues from last week because Jean-Henri had a lot of trouble wiht the other ballot prep.

  • PubDB still to be done Jean-Henri will do them
  • Jean-Henri will look through action items and do further updates
  • Common Dispense and Common Order still to be deferred Jean-Henri will have a look.
Hugh will check on progress

John pointed out it was imporetant to understand where we where and what was going to happen. The following sequence of actions was agreed:

1 Hugh will tell Rob and John if and when editing has been done and where the content is
2 John will check content if it's OK will tell Rob.
3 Rob will then follow through with the other publishing steps

We discussed and agreed that even if we can't merge Common Dispense and Common Order topics we should still put them into Normative 2011 if possible.

Medication Statement

Jean-Henri has fixed issues (with difficulty) and passed content back to Don who has issued a patch.

Hugh has a storyboard diagram to fix

Medication KB Query and IDMP Messaging

Have both been completed

Topic processing vs Whole Package

Rob pointed out the difficulty we have had with publishing by topic and asked what we should do:

Hugh - thinks this is only practical way, perhaps carefully splitting and reassembling topics now they are sorted would help.

Rob - need better tooling but is not going to happen

John - what about SVN for management ? Rob - still have issues of scale

Rob - we should talk to Publishing WG, conf call first then face to face.

Hugh & Rob to join next call.

IDMP/ISO Ballot Reconciliation

Work is happening, but priority is being given to the next stage of the ISO document preparation. Expecting something in 2 weeks time ( perhaps)

Ongoing List Server Discussions


WGM Agenda

Tom should have a draft for next week

Agenda for 19th April

  • Report on action items
  • Ballot preparation review
    • Confirmation Ballots
    • Publishing discussion
  • IDMP/ISO Ballot Reconciliation
  • Ongoing List Server Discussions
  • Action Items List
  • WGM Agenda
  • Clinical Statement Gap Analysis
  • AoB
  • Agenda for next week
  • Expected attendance and apologies

Expected Attendance

Rob Hallowell (chair), John Hatem, Scott Robertson (notes), Ana Estelrich,


Hugh, Julie