2011-04-05 Rx Conf Call

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Rob Hallowell (chair), Hugh Glover (notes), John Hatem, Melva Peters, Julie James, Hans Buitendijk, Vassil Peytchev, Scott Robertson, Ana Estelrich, Jean-Henri Duteau

Action Items

All outstanding items were completed

V2 Cumulative Dosage

Following discussion, some amendments were made to the proposal and a revision was sent out 2 weeks ago. There was no objection to the changes proposed. Motion:Pharmacy support the suggested changes sent to the pharmacy list 2011-03-22) for inclusion in v2.8 Proposed Hans, Seconded Scott. Passed (7,0,0)


Confirmation Ballots

Do not have to complete until April 12th

RMIM changes have been done

PubDB still to be done Jean-Henri will do them
Jean-Henri  will look through action items and do further updates

Merging Common Dispense and Common Order

Jean-Henri will have a look at issues involved and if possible do the merge before April 12th.

Med Stmt

John has done pass through and there are wording issues, and some missing graphics. There may also be some confusion in the interactions.

Hugh and jean-Henri have had different understanding on the RMIMs required.

Jean-Henri  will fix issues and pass back to Don

Med KB Qry

Hugh explained that the move from POME to PORX had caused collisions in artefact numbering which had now been resolved. This topic is not now going to be released until Friday.


Hugh and Julie are progressing towards a release this Friday.

Action Item List

John is still working on it

Agenda for 12th April

  • Report on action items
  • Ballot preparation review
    • Confirmation Ballots
    • Med Stmt
    • Med KB Qry
    • IDMP Messaging
  • IDMP/ISO Ballot Reconciliation
  • Ongoing List Server Discussions
  • Action Items List
  • WGM Agenda
  • AoB

Agenda for next week Expected attendance

Expected Attendance

Rob Hallowell (chair), Hugh Glover (notes), John Hatem, Melva Peters, Julie James, Scott Robertson, Ana Estelrich, Jean-Henri Duteau