2011-03-29 Rx Conf Call

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Rob Hallowell (chair), Hugh Glover (notes), Julie James, Ana Estelrich, John Hatem

Action Items Outstanding


V2 Cumulative Dosage

Hans will adjust proposal and then finalise message structure and then bring to a future meeting.

V2 Linking Orders Proposal

Review this in Pharmacy and then bring it to OO if necessary.

All other items were closed or are separately dealt with in the agenda

Ballot prep review

Rob got fresh source of truth from Don except for the Pharmacy CMETs. There were a number of issues:

  • PubDB was not matching published copy - this was resolved
  • Modelling changes not done - still outstanding
  • Introduction has been revised
  • The merge of the Common Order and Common Dispense is somewhat involved and will be held over until the September Ballot
  • There are some items outstanding -
Hugh to chase Jean-Henri
  • CMETs missing definitions -
John will check CMETs  and pass info back to Hugh, Rob and Jean-Henri
  • Medication Statement has been submitted and
John is reviewing and will pass comments back to Hugh
  • IDMP ballot is subject to significant revisions

We then reviewed the Action Item spreadsheet (on subversion here) and found a significant number of apparently outstanding items that relate to material that is about to go through a confirmation ballot. This lead to a concern about the remaining time available to resolve these issues and debate about delaying the confirmation ballots until September. We acknowledged this would probably mean material NOT being present in Normative Edition 2011. After extended discussion the following motion was proposed:

Motion:  We believe we have to defer presentation of the confirmation content  until the Autumn unless we can get more time now and can apply sufficient resources to complete one or more topics.  Proposed John, Seconded Hugh Passed ( 4,0,0 - this was quorate) 


Hugh will contact Tom and Jean Henri for help in completing the outstanding bits
Rob will ask Don if we are able to delay submission


V2 Question from OO

Hans has a further question on the positioning of the cumulative dosing attribute. Among those present there was no opinion expressed. This is deferred until next week

Agenda for 5th April

  • Report on action items
  • Ballot preparation review
  • IDMP/ISO Ballot Reconciliation
  • Ongoing List Server Discussions
  • Action Items List
  • V2 - 1 more v2 cum dose qu
  • AoB
  • Agenda for next week
  • Expected attendance

Expected Attendance

Rob Hallowell, Hugh Glover, Julie James, Ana Estelrich, John Hatem (may be travelling)