2011-03-22 Rx Conf Call

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Rob Hallowell (chair), Hugh Glover (notes), Julie James, Ana Estelrich, Hans Buitendjik (for v2 discussion), Tom de Jong, John Hatem, Scott Robertson, Tim Buxton (2nd half)

Action Items

Closed from 2011-03-08

  • Ballot General introduction - Rob & Hugh to Skype this next week ACTION (Rob is going to do - see Ballot prep below)
  • Tom asked if Rob had heard from Don about merging topics - Rob will follow up. (See Ballot prep below).
  • John Hatem - will research web site for our own previews - not been able to find naything - not going to happen in the short term.


Cumulative Dosage

Suggestions have been made to enable better repeats and to deal with threshold level.

Motion Proposed Hans: Exclude cumulative dosage threshold from this 2.8 version, leave rest as proposed of March 8th Sec Tom. Rob: do we still meet requirements? Hans: yes, only trying to fix hole. Cum dose is an extra, its not in v3. Passed 7,0,0

Hans will adjust proposal and then finalise message structure and then bring to a future meeting.

Linking Orders Proposal

Hans: Cannot find use case for linking orders that is not already met by existing v2.7 structures.

Tom: Someone in Netherland is working on a use case that is not covered.

Hans: Please review this in Pharmacy and then bring it to OO if necessary.

Ballot Prep

Merging topics

  • should be OK according to Woody. Has been done before.

Rob will make sure this happens

PORX content

  • Don had trouble publishing this because of 2 RMIMs with colliding identifiers - Hugh will check if anything else needs doing.
  • Hugh will do updates to Med Stmt and send off to Don, and also send a Word copy to John H
  • Rob to get a new Source of Truth to do revised intro for PORX and also to do a pass through the PubDB changes arising from the last ballot.

ISO/IDMP Parallel Ballot

This has just completed ballot and there are a number of negatives to process. Hugh proposed that ballot resolution comments are prepared outside of committee time and are then presented to the committee for approval or amendment. There was no objection to this proposal.

These comments will be reviewed on conference call as far as possible and then any difficult issues or any residue will be resolved at the May WGM.

This will become a standing agenda item until completed.

Action Item List

John: need to review adding items from minutes to list - not able to offer to do this.

Hugh - send list to Rob and also post the list to SVN

We will start a more detailed review of the list next week.

Agenda for 29nd March

  • Report on action items
  • Ballot preparation review
  • IDMP/ISO Ballot Reconcilliation
  • Ongoing List Server Discussions
  • Action Items List
  • AoB

Expected Attendance

Rob Hallowell, Hugh Glover, Julie James, Ana Estelrich, Tom de Jong, John Hatem