2011-03-15 Rx Conf Call

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Hugh Glover (notes), Vassil Peytchev , John Hatem, Julie James, Jean-Henri Duteau, Melva Peters, Lloyd MacKenzie, Ana Estelrich


Rob Hallowell, Tom de Jong

In the absence of a co-chair the meeting was not quorate.

Action Items

Outstanding from 2011-03-08

Ballot General introduction - Rob & Hugh to Skype this next week ACTION

John Hatem - will research web site for our own previews.

Tom asked if Rob had heard from Don about merging topics - Rob will follow up.

Harmonisation Proposal

The proposal for a new attribute covering the case where supply is for part of a pack, but there is no code for the components of the pack received some push back from Lloyd McKenzie. He joined the call because there was an opportunity to re-submit the proposal tomorrow if agreement could be reached. Lloyd's suggestion is that a separate "produces" relationship to an entity with an appropriate form code could indicate the precise supply, with further relationships used to indicate the coded product from which the supply was drawn. The committee was not convinced this met the original use case, but in the absence of the original proposer no sufficiently strong argument against this alternate proposal came forward.

Since the proposal is not believed to be urgent it will be withdrawn pending further discussion.

Ballot prep

PORX has some formatting issues that Don is looking at.

Jean-Henri is going to send some additional models to Don to complete the content.

John H is still looking for web space

John H has some basic introductory material that he will provide to committee members that request it - this may be suitable for inclusion in the PORX ballot introduction after appropriate wordsmithing.

V2 Linking Orders Proposal

Since almost all of the committee's V2 specialists were absent the discussion is held over until next week.

Agenda for 22nd March

  • V2 Linking Orders Proposal
  • Report on action items
  • Ballot preparation review
  • Action Items List
  • AoB