2011-03-08 Rx Conf Call

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Rob Hallowell (chair), Hugh Glover (notes), Vassil Peytchev , Hans Buitendijk, Tom de Jong, John Hatem, Julie James, Scott Robertson, Ana Estelrich


Jean-Henri Duteau

Report on Action Items

Completed from 2011-01-25

  • Minutes
    • Rob will post minutes and embed presentations within it.

Outstanding from 2011-01-25

  • Progress with Successful Ballots:
    • Topic Editors (mainly Jean-Henri and Hugh) will make the necessary content changes (in hand but not finished)
  • Pharmacy Intro for the Wiki (park until April)
    • Hugh - will use any introductory material people can provide to try drafting an introduction.
    • John and Tanya may have some content and send it if possible
    • Hugh to ask Tom if there is any Dutch content
    • Hugh to see if the UK MIM might have useable content

From OOC

  • Introduction - John Hatem - done
  • Dynamic Model - Hugh - 1st pass done
  • Attribute Defns - Julie has 2nd model still to do, J-H is putting them into visio
  • Trial publish - now with Don

Completed from 2011-03-01

  • All action items were completed

V2 Issues - Hans Buitendijk

Representation of Cumulative Dose

Timing Qty TQ1 TQ2 does not allow for collection of cumulative dosage - want to add fields to TQ1 to enable this. Proposal 658 covers this.

Hans- is this proposal worth pursuing?

Tom - yes if it has a use case

Rob - yes, but what about identifying specific thresholds for dosage eg identified treatment cumulative or lifetime cumulative.

Hans - so need more than one cumulative dose

Scott - also a total cumulative dose

Hans - may need separate segment to cover this - need terminology for thresholds - how complicated should this be?

Tom - Does this really belong in TQ1, it relates to whole order not dose instructions.

Julie - If its possible then should do it - where a medication needs this data it really is important

Hans - Action: Create new segment in place of TQ1. Will send to pharmacy for further comment. DONE

Linking Orders

Pick up next week

Ballot Prep

Med Statement Went to Don Lloyd on time with full set of dynamic models and RMIMs: The following are still outstanding:

  • re-organise the storyboards and add in references to 8 storyboard graphics we have ready.
  • Not all the structured sort names correct yet.


1st pass went to Don. This will take over the old Medication Domain

Other Points

  • General introduction - Rob & Hugh to Skype this next week ACTION
  • Ballot Reconciliation needs to be done soon
  • John Hatem - will research web site for our own previews.
  • Tom asked if Rob had heard from Don about merging topics - Rob will follow up.
  • Julie asked if there are any comments on attribute definitions

Ballot Reconciliation

Drug Knowledgebase Query - Scott walked through the 4 remaing comments. These are now resolved and Scott will circulate the completed ballot resolution sheets for all ballots - DONE

Agenda for 15th March

  • V2 Linking Orders Proposal
  • Report on action items
  • Ballot preparation review
  • Action Items List
  • AoB