2011-02 Out of Cycle Meeting - Exeter

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Scope statement for the Medication Administration and Statement Topic

Meetng Report

The meeting was attended by 8 people and pretty much kept to the posted agenda.

Medication Statement and Administration - We worked through the existing material, then identified all the "normal" business flows. This lead to some slight struggling with definitions and identification of some edge cases especially admin schedules for infusions. We then constructed the static models required and were able to produce a trial publication of the new ballot pack.

Institutional Setting - We again looked at the dynamic model particularly looking the IHE profile, HL7 v2 material and some French and Norwegian storyboards (that were being translated on the spot). We identified some issues around the Promise and Give actions (discussed below). We looked at the basics of the dynamic static models and began to edit the existing ballot material.

Actions Arising

Medication Statement and Administration


For Medication Statement and Administration

  • amend to cover Medication Administration - JH 28 Feb
  • review - All 1st March

Dynamic Model

To include revisions to storyboards, application roles, trigger events and interactions

  • complete - HG
  • review - All 1st March

Attribute Definitions

  • to complete - JMJ
  • to review - All 1st March
  • to add to models - JD

Trail Publish

  • add content - HG 28th
  • do publish - JD early 1st March


Ballot Narrative

Covering Institutional work - as a word document with track changes revise:

  • Medication Order + Common Order - TdJ
  • Medication Dispense - TdJ
  • Addition of French use cases - all, AE

Give Message

  • Do we need it? (It is used in v2 - need to ask Rob) - Conf call 22 Feb
  • If we need it what does it have to do.

Encoded Order

  • How to represent the encoded order


  • Write a revised overall introduction


Sessions run from 9:00 to 17:00 each day. There will be 15 minute between quarters, and 1 hour for lunch which will be provided on site. There is free wifi so you can keep up with eMails etc. To get off to a prompt start on the first day please arrive early (Exeter is small so Hugh/Julie will probably provide a taxi service!) to get connected to internet etc.

For any issues or queries contact Hugh on hugh_glover@bluewaveinformatics.co.uk or +44 7889 407 113 or Julie on julie_james@bluewaveinformatics.co.uk or +44 7747 633 216.

Various people have been picked out to facilitate sessions, generally they have not yet been asked if they are willing! Generally I've not asked people who I know have a lot to say to also facilitate a session.

Monday 14th February 2011

The objective of the first 2 days is to revise the ballot material we have for Medication Statement. The entire meeting could be taken up with discussion of what is in scope and what is out of scope - to avoid this and make sure we concentrate on delivering content the scope will be agreed in advance and a copy of the document is here


  • Introductions and personal objectives (facilitated by Hugh)
  • Agenda Review
  • Existing Content Review (facilitated by Jean-Henri)
    • Existing Static Model Content Review
    • Existing Dynamic Model Review
    • Current publication content


  • Gap Analysis, what do we need that we haven't got? (facilitated by John)
  • Detailed modelling review - aim to get to a point of starting tasks outlined in Q4 below. (facilitated by Hugh)


  • Detailed modelling review continued
  • Set detailed work objectives (facilitated by Hugh)


  • Breakout sessions
    • Implement model changes
    • Update dynamic models
    • Write Walkthroughs
    • Write attribute descriptions

Tuesday 15th February 2011


  • Review Progress and emerging issues (facilitated by Rob)
  • Continue with breakout sessions


  • Continue with breakout sessions
  • Trial Publication (facilitated by Rob / Jean-Henri)


  • Review Trial Publication
  • Continue with breakout sessions


  • Progress Review (facilitated by Rob)
  • Tasks Outstanding and known issues (facilitated by Rob / John)
  • Plan next steps

Wednesday 16th February 2011

The objective for this third day is to agree a business model for the overall institutional process.


  • What do we know of the existing processes? (facilitated by Hugh)
    • HL7 v2
    • US
    • Canada
    • Netherlands
    • UK
    • Norway
    • France


  • Is there a single architecture, if not what are the differences? (facilitated by Hugh)
  • Breakout groups to write:
    • Summary use cases
    • Draft business process


  • Continue from Q2


  • Progress Review (facilitated by Rob)
  • Tasks Outstanding and known issues (facilitated by Rob / John)
  • Plan next steps