2011-02-08 Rx Conf Call

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Rob (chair), Hugh (notes), Julie, Jean-Henri, Tanya, John, Tom, Vassil Peytchev, Ana

Report on Action Items

Outstanding from 2011-01-25

  • Minutes
    • Rob will post minutes and embed presentations within it.
  • Progress with Successful Ballots:
    • Topic Editors (mainly Jean-Henri and Hugh) will make the necessary content changes (park until 27th Feb)
  • Pharmacy Intro for the Wiki
    • Hugh - will use any introductory material people can provide to try drafting an introduction.
    • John and Tanya may have some content and send it if possible
    • Hugh to ask Tom if there is any Dutch content
    • Hugh to see if the UK MIM might have useable content

Completed or Closed from 2011-02-01

  • Ensure V2 scope is covered
    • John & Rob are exploring...John will adapt for use at the OOC
  • OOC
    • Hugh will produce a more detailed agenda as soon as possible
  • Use Case Examples
    • John will collate any material and circulate for review. Tanya will compare to Canadian practice. None were received, but OOC now makes this action obsolete
  • Merging Topics
    • Rob (on behalf of Tom) will ask Don if topics can be merged

Discussion of Scope statement

Extensive discussion of the document produced by John Hatem. The changes have been recorded by John therefore are not minuted. John will revise and re-issue today for final review by All.

Discussion of Harmonisation Proposal

Minor wordsmithing was done, no adverse issues were identifed.

Motion:Submit to harmonisation. Proposed: Hugh, Seconded: Julie, Approved(8,0,0)

Next Call

Will be 22nd Feb

Agenda for 22nd Feb

  • Report on action items
  • OOC Review
  • Remaining ballot resolution
  • AoB