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2011-02-03 PA Call Minutes

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Interdependent Registries Call

Meeting Information

HL7 Interdependent Registries Meeting Minutes

Phone Number: +1 770-657-9270
Participant Passcode: 986210
GoToMeeting ID: 834-202-056

Date: Thu 2011-02-03
Time: 2:00 PM (US Eastern Time, GMT -4 DST)
Facilitator Gregg Seppala Note taker Gregg Seppala
Attendee Name Affiliation
X Gregg Seppala .
X Steve Connolly .
X Alex de Leon .
X Corinne Gower .
X Galen Mulrooney .
X Ioana Singureanu .
X Serafina Versaggi .
X Jay Zimmerman .


Agenda Topics

  1. Approve agenda
  2. Report from Sydney WGM - Galen
  3. Review schedule
    • Notice of Intent to Ballot due Feb 27
    • Initial content due March 6
    • Final content due March 27
    • Ballot April 4 - May 9
    • Orlando WGM May 16 - May 20
  4. Review progress on
    • Business cases
    • Domain Analysis Model
    • Glossary
    • Dynamic Model
  5. Adjourn

Supporting Documents

  1. Interdependent Registries Project Wiki


Minutes/Conclusions Reached:

  1. Approved agenda
  2. Report from Sydney WGM - Galen
    • Reviewed the Canadian Health Infoway 2015 Notional Architecture
      • Goal is to have registries function as a single application but the actual architecture could be combined or separate
      • Identifies a number of registries that are currently separate
    • Reviewed existing HL7 SOA specifications such as RLUS, IXS as possible sources for common behavior
    • Confirmed that Infoway will contribute staffing - Sasha Bojicic will be one contributor
  3. Reviewed schedule (see agenda for dates)
  4. Reviewed progress on Domain Analysis Model - Ioana
    • Current approach is to model each registry separately with a Reference Class to link to another registry; for example, Provider registry includes classes that link to Person registry and to Organization registry
  5. Open discussion
    • Corinne offered to share the New Zealand provider id standard
  6. Adjourned 3:00 pm EST.

Meeting Outcomes

  • Corinne to send copy of NZ provider id standard
Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items
  • Next meeting Thursday, Feb 10, 2011 @ 2pm ET

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