2010-11-18 Call Minutes

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HL7 Ambulatory Oncology Functional Profile Meeting

Meeting Logistics

Date/Time: Thursday, November 18th, 2010 / 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EST
Location: Phone: 1- 770-657-9270; Passcode: 510269


  1. Welcome and Introductions
    • Helen Stevens (Chair)
    • John Ritter (HL7 EHR Co-Chair)
    • Peter Harrison (US Oncology)
    • Salimah Shakir (NCI)
    • David Bass (NCI)
    • Marti Velezis (NCI)
  2. Agenda review and approval
    • Amended as Marti requested that NCI update occur before the Project Future Discussions.
  3. Approval of minutes from previous calls: November 04th
    • Approved
  4. Review Actions from previous meeting(s)
    • None
  5. NCI Project Status Update (Marti)
    • Marti reported that the NCI is very busy with project deadlines; however, she has been in discussion with the NCI Program Office and they are interested that this project activity continue. The Program Office is working to secure additional resources to be able to move this project forward; however, due to the vacation season they will not have a decision until mid-end of January. Marti would like to postpone making any decisions on the future of this project until end of January.
  6. Project Future Discussion (Helen)
    • The motion was discussed in detail and some modifications inserted:
      • Recognizing that the NCI may have resources to allocate to the project by the end of January the motion was amended to include a scheduled call on January 27th to revisit the project suspension.
      • Recognizing that the materials could not be 'maintained'- the wording was adjusted to indicate that the project materials would be 'left available as currently posted'.
      • Recognizing that materials would not be 'moved' to other functional profiles working was adjusted to indicate that it would be 'leveraged'.
      • Marti expressed concern that there were not the appropriate people on the call to entertain the vote as she, David and Salimah were NCI contractors and not employees. Helen expressed that all participants in an HL7 workgroup or project team could vote and that quorum was satisfied as per the HL7 EHR Decision Making practices.
      • Helen read written statement from Sandy Thames (CDC) into the minutes:
        As you know, we are very interested in incorporating the cancer registry requirements into the Ambulatory Oncology Functional Profile, but if you do not feel that this functional profile will be moving forward in HL7 then perhaps we should just focus our efforts on the PHDSC Public Health Reporting Functional Profile. We will be making comments on the CCHIT Ambulatory Oncology Functional Profile, so we feel that we will get our voices heard there as well.
        I feel that there is value in having cancer registry requirements addressed in the Ambulatory Oncology Functional Profile and the Public Health Reporting Functional Profile. I guess my question to the group is whether there is anything else that needs to be done to the HL7 Ambulatory Oncology Functional Profile, other than adding the cancer registry requirements into it? If not, then I don’t think it is work the groups effort to just hear us adding our requirements to the document.
        Sandy Jones (formerly Thames)
        National Program of Cancer Registries, Division of Cancer Prevention and Control, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    • Final Motion wording is: Motion to suspend the activities of the Ambulatory Oncology Functional Profile project team and request that the HL7 project be suspended until such time as there is sufficient sponsorship and stakeholder engagement to move the project forward. All existing materials will be left available as currently posted on the Wiki. All materials may be leveraged, as appropriate, to other Functional Profile projects within the HL7 EHR working group. A call will be scheduled for January 27th, 2011 to revisit sponsorship and stakeholder engagement.
      • Wording of motion was agreed to by all participants.
      • Vote: Against 3 (Marti, David, Salimah), Approve 2 (John, Peter). Helen abstained as she was chairing.
        Motion defeated.
    • Motion by Mari, seconded by David:
      Motion to nominate David and Salimah as co-chairs of the Ambulatory Oncology Functional Profile project group.
      • Vote: Against 0, Abstain 1 (Helen), For 5.
        Motion approved. David and Salimah will take over co-chair for the next meeting of the project group.
  7. CCHIT Liaison Report (Peter)
    • Peter reported that Today CCHIT opened the public comment period until Dec. 10 for the Oncology and Women’s Health EHR Certification. Please feel free to send this on to anyone you think may be interested in offering comments. All questions may be directed to Peter.
    • Wording of the release is as follows:
      Public Comment Pefiod Open for Oncology and Women's Health EHR Certification
      Chicago – Nov. 15, 2010 – The public comment period for the Certification Commission’s first draft of certification criteria and test scripts for EHRs used in Oncology and Women's Health (obstetrics component) is open through Dec. 10 until 5:00 PM Central time. Comments will only be taken through the Commission’s website at [1].
      After review of the public comments, the Oncology and Women’s Health work groups will make any necessary adjustments to the certification criteria and test scripts. Pilot tests, conducted with volunteered vendor products, will be begin in February 2011, with the certification programs scheduled to launch later in the spring of 2011. Both new certifications are optional add-on certifications to the Commission’s CCHIT Certified® 2011 Ambulatory EHR certification program opened in October 2009.
      Women’s Health and Oncology are the latest domains to be added to CCHIT’s independently-developed certification programs and represent the Commission’s ongoing commitment to address the needs of specific medical specialties, care settings and patient populations. In addition to its Ambulatory and Inpatient EHR certification programs, CCHIT currently offers certification programs for Cardiovascular Medicine; Child Health; Emergency Departments; Behavioral Health; Dermatology; and Long-Term and Post-Acute Care. The Commission plans to launch a new program for EHRs used in Clinical Research in January 2011.
  8. Other business
    • John Ritter expressed thanks to Helen Stevens for her work chairing the project group.
  9. Agenda items for next meeting (December 2nd)
    • CCHIT Review discussion.