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2010-03-22 EA IP Alpha projects Agenda

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TSC EA IP Advisory Group

HL7 TSC EA IP Advisory Group Meeting Minutes

Location: dial 770-657-9270 and enter pass code 124466#

Date: 2010-03-22
Time: 03:00 PM (US Eastern Daylight Time, GMT -4)
Facilitator Marc Koehn Note taker(s) Lynn Laakso
In attendance Name Email Address Invited Members
Beebe, Calvin Saeaf-alpha
Beeler, George Saeaf-alpha
Bond, Andy Saeaf-alpha
Boone, Keith Saeaf-alpha
Carter, John EA IP Advisory
Curry, Jane Saeaf-alpha
Dolin, Bob Saeaf-alpha
Grieve, Grahame Saeaf-alpha
Hamill, Dave Saeaf-alpha
Hamm, Russ Saeaf-alpha
Hammond PhD, Ed Saeaf-alpha
Hufnagel, Steve Saeaf-alpha
Jaffe, Charles Saeaf-alpha
Jorgenson, Don Saeaf-alpha
Julian, Tony Saeaf-alpha
Koehn, Marc Saeaf-alpha, EA IP Advisory
Koisch, John Saeaf-alpha
Kreisler, Austin Saeaf-alpha
Laakso, Lynn Saeaf-alpha, EA IP Advisory
Loyd, Patrick Saeaf-alpha
Lynch, Cecil Saeaf-alpha
McCaslin, Kenneth Saeaf-alpha
McCay, Charles Saeaf-alpha
McKenzie, Lloyd EA IP Advisory
Mead, Charlie Saeaf-alpha
Moehrke, John EA IP Advisory
Mulrooney, Galen EA IP Advisory
Natarajan, Ravi Saeaf-alpha
Nelson, Dale, Saeaf-alpha
Ocasio, Wendell Saeaf-alpha
Orvis, Nancy EA IP Advisory
Parker, Ron Saeaf-alpha
Peres, Greg Saeaf-alpha
Quinn, John Saeaf-alpha, EA IP Advisory
Rubin, Ken EA IP Advisory
Samake, Modibo EA IP Advisory
Seppala, Gregg Saeaf-alpha
Shakir, Abdul-Malik Saeaf-alpha
Singureanu, Ioana Saeaf-alpha
Sirkovich, Igor EA IP Advisory
Stevens Love, Helen Saeaf-alpha
Thompson, Clifford Saeaf-alpha
Tripp, Edward Saeaf-alpha, EA IP Advisory
Van Dyke, Pat Saeaf-alpha
Van Hentenryck, Karen Saeaf-alpha
Quorum Requirements (Co-chair +2 without preponderance of influence ) Met: (yes/No)

quorum achieved as defined in the Work Group Decision Making Practices?

Agenda Topics

  1. Agenda review and approval
  2. Approve previous meeting minutes
  3. Other topics

Supporting Documents

Minutes/Conclusions Reached:

  1. (Suggestions or additions to and acceptance of agenda)
  2. Meeting minutes approval by general consent?
  3. Discussion .
  4. Adjourned hh:mm am/pm (timezone).
Actions (Include Owner, Action Item, and due date)
  • .
Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items
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