2010-01-14 Call Minutes

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HL7 Ambulatory Oncology Functional Profile Meeting

Meeting Logistics

Date/Time: Thursday, January 14, 2010 / 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Location: Telecon 866 564 2805 x9306830#
  • Andonyadis, Christo - NCI CBIIT Chief Architect Clinical Trial Systems
  • Forquer, Dwayne - NCI CBITT Chief of Staff
  • Gosa, Robbin - SAIC-F, Deputy Program Director
  • Hurley, Kevin - Essex Management - NCI contractor Project Manager
  • Koehn, Marc - Gordon Point Informatics - NCI contractor Stakeholder Manager
  • Lasome, Caterina, RN, PhD - NCI CBIIT Chief of Operations
  • Speakman, John - NCI CBIIT Associate Director of Clinical Programs and Projects
  • Bester, Christine - Gordon Point Informatics - NCI contractor Analyst
  • Ritter, John - Co-Chair EHR Working Group
  • Boyes, Paul - Guidewire Architecture - NCI contractor Architect
  • Wood, Carla - Altos - Product Manager
  • Norton, Randy - Impac - Product Manager
  • Moldwin, Rich - College of American Pathologist
  • Lloyd, Patrick - Gordon Point Informatics - NCI Contractor Information Architect
  • Harrison, Peter, MD - US Oncology - Product Manager
  • Walker, Amy - NCI CBIIT Chief Program Officer


  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Background
    Provided background on the development of the Functional Profile for an Ambulatory Oncology practices.
    • Scope - Ambulatory Oncology
    • Methodology was to follow HL7 FM EHR-S R1
  3. Task Group Launch and Support Team from NCI to support project execution as required.
    • Helen Stevens can support the project as needed
    • Paul Boyes can provide support from Architecture
    • Christine Bester can provide liaison to the NCI Domain Expert team.
  4. Overview Objective
    • Review and Discuss
    • Storyboard work that is being conducted on caEHR that may be able to be used for FP
    • Understand the structure of the profile
    • Identifying and tracking potential discussion topics
  5. Use Case/Storyboard Development
    • Traceability - Requirements, Business Concepts, User Scenarios
    • Approach - Developed a hierarchy of use cases, different care and treatment of use cases.
    • Discussion
      • Rich Moldwin Question - Is there an equivalent Functional Profile in-patient oncology profile and how do these two relate? There is likely a significant amount of overlap between an in-patient and an ambulatory functional profile and he would see some difficulty in separating these two in very distinct profiles.
      • Helen Stevens - There is not an in-patient oncology profile at the present.
      • John Speakman - Indicated that NCI's approach in selecting the care setting of out-patient Oncology in based on needs expressed by our interactions with ASCO and St. Joseph's of Orange
      • Rich Moldwin Follow-up - Interested in understanding if this general Ambulatory oncology profile supports the nuances of other care centers (eg. Pediatrics)
      • Christine Bester - There are several individuals that are supporting the NCI project from different care settings so the hope is that this profile would cover other care centers, but we would be interested in getting more specifics regarding areas like pediatrics.
      • Amy Walker inquired as to why Order Alerts was being called out as narrative?
      • Helen Stevens - It is mapping to a section in the functional model. These are areas that were considered areas our domain experts indicated that their was a specific oncology item that needed to be recognized.
  6. Profile Development Methodology
    • Discussion regarding the phases of development of the profile. (refer to slides for detailed description of phases)
  7. Feedback regarding prevalence of this presentation at the HL7 Working Group Meeting
    • John Ritter - Slides need to be more concise and there should be a baseline assumption that individuals within HL7 have an understand of the Functional Model and of the various profiles that have been developed.
  8. Project Group leadership and logistics
    Motion To elect Co-Chairs/Leads for this EHR Task Group Helen Stevens and Carla Wood
    Moved by Patrick Lloyd, seconded by Kevin Hurley 2nd the motion to elect Helen Stevens and Carla Wood as Co-Chairs for the EHR Task Group for the Ambulatory Oncology Functional Profile.
    There were No abstention, No negatives votes
  9. Discussion regarding the regular Conference calls for this task group.
    • Every other week for two hour @ 10am EST Thursday
    • Helen Stevens will issue meeting logistics
    • All meeting materials will be posted via the EHR Ambulatory Oncology Functional Profile Wiki.
    • Helen will add direct links for the meeting
  10. Meeting adjourned.