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20090305 arb telcon minutes

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Architecture Board

March 5, 2009

Name PresentWith AffiliationE-mail address
Curry, Jane No ArB Health Information
Grieve, Grahame No ArB Kestral
Julian, Tony YesArB Mayo
Koehn, Marc No Guest Gordon Point Informatics Ltd
Koisch, John YesArB
Loyd, Patrick No ARB Gordon point Informatics LTD.
Lynch, Cecil YesArB ontoreason
Mead, Charlie No ArB Booz Allen
Nelson, Dale YesArb
Ocasio, Wendell YesArB Agilex
Parker, Ron No ArB CA
Quinn, John No ArB Health Level Seven,
Shakir, Abdul-Malik No ArB Shakir
Hufnagel, Steve YesGuest

Call to order

Call to order at 3:00pm U.S. Eastern by John Koisch with Tony Julian as scribe.

Matrix-specification stack

JK: goes through cell-by-cell. Each was to sign up for one or more cells, find the artifact, best practices, and exemplar artifacts. I have not done any work, but should have time this week.

CL: I have not had time.

DN: I have not either.

JK: The primary goal of this call is getting ready for April - a set of artifacts/artifact types that capture the cells content.

DN: I concur, I dont have anything else. I would like to touch base with John to talk about what goes in the squares.

JK: I will have time tomorrow, but send questions by e-mail.


JK: Are there any other pieces we need to tackle? The answer hopefully is no. Bring it up if you see anything.

WO: I still have not got logistics for LasVegas.

JK: I will follow up and send logistics to the group.

JK: Adjourned so that all can do their homework!


Meeting was adjourned at 3:20 u.s. EasternTony 20:22, 5 March 2009 (UTC)