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Architecture Board

March 5, 2009

Name PresentWith AffiliationE-mail address
Curry, Jane No ArB Health Information Strategiesjanecurry@healthinfostrategies.com
Grieve, Grahame No ArB Kestral Computinggrahame@kestral.com.au
Julian, Tony YesArB Mayo Clinicajulian@mayo.edu
Koehn, Marc No Guest Gordon Point Informatics Ltd Marc.Koehn@GPInformatics.com
Koisch, John YesArB NCIkoisch_john@bah.com
Loyd, Patrick No ARB Gordon point Informatics LTD. patrick.loyd@gpinformatics.com
Lynch, Cecil YesArB ontoreason LLCclynch@ontoreason.com
Mead, Charlie No ArB Booz Allen Hamiltoncharlie.mead@booz.com
Nelson, Dale YesArb II4SMdale@zed-logic.com
Ocasio, Wendell YesArB Agilex Technologieswendell.ocasio@agilex.com
Parker, Ron No ArB CA Infowayrparker@eastlink.ca
Quinn, John No ArB Health Level Seven, Inc.jquinn@HL7.org
Shakir, Abdul-Malik No ArB Shakir ConsultingShakirConsulting@cs.com
Hufnagel, Steve YesGuest

Call to order

Call to order at 3:00pm U.S. Eastern by John Koisch with Tony Julian as scribe.

Matrix-specification stack

JK: goes through cell-by-cell. Each was to sign up for one or more cells, find the artifact, best practices, and exemplar artifacts. I have not done any work, but should have time this week.

CL: I have not had time.

DN: I have not either.

JK: The primary goal of this call is getting ready for April - a set of artifacts/artifact types that capture the cells content.

DN: I concur, I dont have anything else. I would like to touch base with John to talk about what goes in the squares.

JK: I will have time tomorrow, but send questions by e-mail.


JK: Are there any other pieces we need to tackle? The answer hopefully is no. Bring it up if you see anything.

WO: I still have not got logistics for LasVegas.

JK: I will follow up and send logistics to the group.

JK: Adjourned so that all can do their homework!


Meeting was adjourned at 3:20 u.s. EasternTony 20:22, 5 March 2009 (UTC)