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Architecture Board

February 19, 2009

Name PresentWith AffiliationE-mail address
Curry, Jane Yes ArB Health Information Strategiesjanecurry@healthinfostrategies.com
Grieve, Grahame Yes ArB Kestral Computinggrahame@kestral.com.au
Julian, Tony No ArB Mayo Clinicajulian@mayo.edu
Koisch, John Yes ArB NCIkoisch_john@bah.com
Loyd, Patrick YesARBGordon point Informatics LTD. patrick.loyd@gpinformatics.com
Lynch, Cecil No ArB ontoreason LLCclynch@ontoreason.com
Mead, Charlie Yes ArB Booz Allen Hamiltoncharlie.mead@booz.com
Nelson, Dale NoArb II4SMdale@zed-logic.com
Ocasio, Wendell YesArBAgilex Technologieswendell.ocasio@agilex.com
Parker, Ron Yes ArB CA Infowayrparker@eastlink.ca
Quinn, John No ArB Health Level Seven, Inc.jquinn@HL7.org
Shakir, Abdul-Malik No ArB Shakir ConsultingShakirConsulting@cs.com

Call to order

The meeting was called to order at <4:04 Eastern> by chair <John> with <Jane> as scribe.

Agenda approval

MMS to approve the agenda below <Jane/Grahame> Vote:(4-0-0)

  • Call to order
  • Approval of agenda
  • Approval of minutes
  • Brief update on the SAEAF / BF
    • Alignment of SAEAF with OHT and US Policy Frameworks
  • John Quinn - Update on the SOA WG's Practical Guide discussion in the TSC
  • Deliverables going into April F2F
  • Other business, and planning for next meeting
  • Adjournment

Approval of minutes

MMS to approve the minutes of the <20090212> as posted to <posting site> by <Jane/Grahame> Vote:(4-0-0)

Brief update on the SAEAF / BF

  • The Introduction and ECCF decks are stable and posted to the Gforge site with trackers
  • Charlie is working on the BF and as the paper the deck is based on is pretty mature, the deck should be available next week.
  • Jane is working on the Governance Framework and should have a rough draft by the EOD
    • Alignment of SAEAF with OHT and US policy frameworks
      • NCI is working on using SAEAF to produce their Enterprise Architecture is intending to provide feedback as they implement
      • OHT Architecture Project is working on producing a Tooling Architecture that will use aspects of SAEAF and is providing feedback as they explore from the tooling angle.

John Quinn - Update on the SOA WG's Practical Guide discussion in the TSC

Deliverables going into April F2F Meeting

  • Tony is working with HL7 HQ on logistics and they are on track
  • An objective is to review the draft roll-out project plan, provide feedback and work out how we will respond to the plan
  • Also spend some time on the resolution of peer review comments
  • The major objective is to conduct a heads down detailed analysis of SAEAF proposed artifact catagories and existing artifacts with the objective of having draft example artifacts relating to the ECCF to offer the Pilot Projects
  • Marc Kohen as lead of the SAEAF roll-out project will need to know what is stable enough for him to take into consideration for his project and in particular how the ArB will work with the SAEAF pilot projects

Other business, and planning for next meeting

  • Action Items before next week:
    • Review the SAEAF deliverables, ECCF, Governance and BF
    • Podcast review
    • NCI operational paper review http://wiki.hl7.org/images/4/4c/CaBig_CC.zip
    • Charlie will invite Marc to the next week's meeting to discuss the inter-dependencies between his project and the ArB's