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2009-11-17 EA IP Advisory Group Call Minutes

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TSC EA IP Advisory Group

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 03:00 PM (US Eastern Time, GMT -5)
To participate, dial 770-657-9270 and enter pass code 124466#
GoToMeeting at
GoToMeeting ID: 165-215-206 

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  • Lloyd McKenzie

Meeting Admin

Roll Call - The following individuals joined the call:

x Marc Koehn (chair) HL7 EA IP PM
John S. Carter Apelon
x Lynn Laakso (scribe) HL7 HQ
Lloyd McKenzie
John Moehrke GE
Galen Mulrooney US VA
Nancy Orvis
Ken Rubin EDS
x Modibo Samake'
Igor Sirkovich Igor
x Ed Tripp EST
  1. Accept Agenda – Lynn reviewed the agenda, with no noted corrections.
  2. Update on recent activities: Marc briefly reviewed support efforts to identify ArB liaisons to each alpha project. Liaison time has been an issue. Marc hopes to meet with the ArB this week or next to see where their resourcing is at.
    • Marc reviewed the charge of the ArB and the EA IP group in this effort.
  3. Discussion Topics:
    • Alpha support
      • Lacking support for some alpha projects having ArB liaisons other than the project lead. Some alpha projects where ArB liaison and project lead are the same (ITS – Dale Nelson, caEHR – John Koisch, Infoway Blueprint – Ron Parker) could be prodded.
      • Build Knowledge harvesting plan
        • Ed suggests we ask for periodic status updates based on the 3x4 matrix and ask for progress reports monthly to share lessons with other groups.
        • If we haven’t received even a charter documenting which of those boxes they intend to fill, how will we get a status? Touch base with those project managers/liaisons and ask for charters and progress plan.
    • Communication
      • Can someone attend the conference calls for the projects? Ed is occasionally on the O&O call. Modibo says he was intending to join CTS2. Lynn will check with ITS, and PASS. Mark will be working with EHR-S FM and is working on caEHR with day job duties. Try to take a pulse on their alpha initiatives.
      • Some documentation for another call in a couple weeks. Ask for attendance and/or project report, fill in the boxes, not started, in progress or complete status. Invite advisory group and project leads. Surface barriers to success, or share learning from making real progress. Identify dependencies to move the implementation process forward. How did you document what you didn’t like, gaps identified need to be notified – so the SAEAF can be refined and moved forward.
      • post call to action to listserv, and ask advisory group members to check in on project conference calls not already assigned.
      • can we get another distribution list for eaip and alpha project leads and liaisons? Should it be under ArB or TSC, Marc will reach out to Charlies and Ron.
    • Training
      • Marc will ask John for preview copies of SAEAF “book” chapters for alpha project use.
      • WGM plan
        • Focused quarters for focused discussion on alpha project progress.
          • Making progress? What can others learn? Or…
          • stuck? What are the teams stuck on and how can we provide support?