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2009-06-02 EA IP Advisory Group Call Minutes

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TSC EA IP Advisory Group

Tuesday, June 2, 2009 at 3 PM EDT (US Eastern Daylight Time, GMT -5)

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  1. Roll call: te following attendees joined the call
    • Chair: Marc Koehn (
    • Ed Tripp (
    • Igor Sirkovich (
    • Lynn Laakso, HQ - scribe (
  2. Agenda Items
    • Comments re: previous meeting and notes
      • Marc reviewed activities in Kyoto at May WGM, and suggestions at meetings incorporated into Q3 Wednesday presentation.
      • Connect goal/objectives work to other work previously done, dust the other documents off so we are not inventing something new. Instead of listing new objectives, consider working towards identifying gaps.
      • The Product life cycle we devised to document the 'as is' process address steps also led to suggestion that we look at the project management life cycle to see if it is applicable.
      • Hoping for more of a near-term plan of how the SAEAF instrument will move forward. How will the document inform our specifications to move forward our decision making.
      • Significant discussions at TSC re. balloting. Consensus was that this should not occur until the 'SAEAF' is much, much more stable – if ever. Needs a process more like 'harmonization' for the RIM - particularly so that there is always a stable version to support the ballot cycle. Woody described this process and presented on it in Kyoto. This was favorably received. There was a feeling that the attendees were looking for a way to ensure that feedback is received and addressed, and the harmonization process would do so.
      • Need to clarify what will be done in time for Atlanta (2009SeptWGM), and 2010JanWGM in AZ.
      • Alpha projects: CTS2 working on their charter, and CDA R3 has also agreed to participate. CDA R3 looking for input from Marc or Lynn at an upcoming conference call. PASS working on charter and using the SOA conference this week to flesh that out. Waiting on Charlie Mead to get back on some NCI activities and their alpha charters.
    • Marc asks we look at the slide deck and provide any comments.
    • Marc will also be posting Atlanta engagement plan to the wiki for further discussion and elaboration.

Adjourned 3:25 pm EDT