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20080925 arb minutes

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Architecture Board

20080925 Telcon


Curry, Jane ArB Health Information
Julian, Tony - Scribe ArB Mayo
Koisch, John ArB
Mead, Charlie- Chair ArB Booz Allen
Rogers, Rich Guest IBM
Hamill, DaveHL7HL7


  • We need to get back review comments.
    • We published to TSC, ARB, and Co-Chairs.
    • =Do we need to copy the publication location to specific lists?
    • Current publication is sufficient since we are going to publish before next WGM.
  • John put out an e-mail to the soa list, and called for participation. He has gotten three or four who are interested.
  • We have discussed 3 OOC.
    • October - get out heads around the SOA things - service classification. Get a very clear mapping document that everyone can understand about how Health Services Specifications Project (HSSP) maps to SAEAF. John is working on a reference implementation.
    • November - F2F - need to finalize date. To finalize an polish the SAEAF document - may not be all done by the end of the meeting.
    • December - First week of december - virtual meeting with all co-chairs to attend. Goal to socialize and discuss the SAEAF document.
  • Deliverables re-stated:
  • Reference implementation that maps SAEAF to current and future HSSP work and services specifications for standards development organizations. ARB will exert architecture governance, not the governance around the architecture.
  • November will be 'in the middle', with time for travel arangements.
  • October - 1.5 to 2 days virtual to go through these things. The reference implementation and HSSP mapping would not be complete until the november meeting.
    • CM: Resolving open issues from Vancouver is critical. Until the open issues are resolved we cannot do and HSSP mapping. The longer we go without and HSSP mapping the more contention we will have. HSSP should validate the mapping. If they choose not to do so, or ignore it, that is fine.
    • JK: October meeting should be geared around open issues. CM The goal should be to close the open issues by the end of the October meeting.
    • MW: Filling out the dynamic model is a big open area - no meat for the bones. What are people thinking of for the reference implementation?
    • CM: The reference implementation is being done at NCI.
    • JK: Introduction, series of maps from specifications, in a clear layered way that will show how these things map up - not with the finish of the SAEAF document.
  • October : 13-14
    • Logistics : 25 participants or so. NCI will host.
    • JK and JC will set up times and other logistics.
  • Novembr: 12-14
    • F-F 3 day meeting, in rockville, HL7 funding for ARB members:
    • Agenda: to polish the SAEAF, deal with issues, Impact statements that we expect to fall out.
    • Impact Statements: Grahame Grieve project was to re-org. Lots of modeling, does it belong in MnM? InM? SOA?
    • Hans expressed concern: Clinical statements work about to go normative. If a spec claims conformance to the clinical statements, there needs to be traceability, and verification.
    • AMIA is 8-12, harmonization is 11-14,
  • December 2/3
    • for the co-chair socialization
  • Two of the three open ARB projects have been folded into one.
  • There will be a new project scope statement for the enterprise architecture, which Charlie Mead will do. Dave will send the form to Charlie.
  • Jane will publish executive summary for the technical newsletter. Charlie or Dave will let Jane know when it is to be done.
  • Charlie wll ask the TSC what the target date is.
  • The WGM meeting while busy and intense was successful - we came out with Kudos.


Meeting adjourned at 3:40pm USEDT Tony 20:26, 25 September 2008 (UTC)