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Architecture Board

Minutes of the 20080617 June out-of-cycle Day 2


Charlie, Mead ArB Booz Allen
Curry, Jane ArB Health Information
Julian, Tony ArB Mayo
Koisch, John ArB
Larsen, Ed guest
Mulrooney, Galen guest
Orvis, Nancy
Quinn, John ArBHealth Level Seven,
Rogers, Rich guest
Robertson, ScottguestKaiser
Shakir, Abdul-Malik ArB Shakir


  • 8-9 - review of OASIS, CBDI work
  • 9-11 – tbBAM modeling
  • 11-12 – open discussion with Observers
  • 12-1 – lunch
  • 1-2 – review of relevant NCI work
  • 2-3 – review of relevant DoD work
  • 3-4 – review of relevant Infoway work
  • 4-5 – open discussion with Observers


  • Oasis Service Description Model
  • NCI Service Taxonomy
  • CBDI Taxonomy of Services
  • Discussion of the HITSP / NHIN services, and the use cases for architecture itself. JC - the problem is not a system architecture, it is enterprise in scope and we need enterprise architecture. JK - discussed the NCI service taxonomy's assumption as a way to get buy in from organizations (using use cases, and describing dependencies for those use cases that are specified as services). EL - HITSP / NHIN really needs the architecture offerings from the HL7 ArB, including principles, taxonomy, service offerings, contract specifications.
  • Principles
    • Initial cut at principles:
      • Virtualization
      • Aggregation / Composition
      • Unity of Purpose
      • Technology Independence
      • Service Specification should support a Layered Conformance Policy
    • Each Service Specification (each service has many service specifications) must belong to a conformance layer. Each conformance layer must have rules associated with it.
    • each service should also belong to the HL7 taxonomy
    • use Should Shall May
    • We should follow the Oasis Format (Statement, Rationale, Implications)
    • Additional Principles (from other sources - Oasis)
      • Separation of Concerns should be added
      • Parsimony should be added to unity of purpose
      • RR suggested looking at
      • AMS - This architecture is not a replacement for or an alternative to XXX - it encompasses, supports, and facilitates the stuff that we already have. The Health Domain Enterprise domain needs services in conjunction with the other components, and HL7 needs to take a leadership position. There is an aculturation issue.
  • Lunch
  • Conformance and Compliance - A profile is a set of constrained assertions that force a yes | no answer to the question "are you compliant to ..." Conformance Assertions that are present in the services specs are equivalent to the conformance profile (HL7). Each viewpoint makes a set of assertions as part of its specifications. Conformance statements historically further constrain the conformance assrtions to demonstrate the degree of compliance of an implementation.
Conformance Levels
Assertions Per Viewpoint
- Business Information Computation Engineering Technology
Reference / / / / /
Domain + + + - /
Use Case + + + - /
Implementation Spec - - + + -
Key: +: Required -: Optional /: Not Allowed