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Architecture Board

Minutes of the 20080616 June out-of-cycle Day 1


Charlie, Mead ArB Booz Allen Hamiltoncharlie.mead@booz.com
Curry, Jane ArB Health Information Strategiesjanecurry@healthinfostrategies.com
Julian, Tony ArB Mayo Clinicajulian@mayo.edu
Koisch, John ArB Bozkoisch_john@bah.com
Larsen, Ed guest HITSPerlarsen@erlinc.com
Mulrooney, Galen guest VHAgalen.mulrooney@med.va.gov
Orvis, Nancy ArBDODnancy.orvis@tma.osd.mil
Quinn, John ArBHealth Level Seven, Inc.jquinn@HL7.org
Rogers, Rich guest IBMrrogers@us.ibm.com
Robertson, Scottguest</td<Kaiser Permanentescott.robertson@kp.com
Shakir, Abdul-Malik ArB Shakir ConsultingShakirConsulting@cs.com


  • 8-9 - organization, procedures, etc.
  • 9-11 – Top Down Framework - Trading Partner Agreements, review and development of ‘bull’s eye’ view of services in an HL7 context, including consequences on the outer rings of the Bulls Eye (tbBAM, especially)
  • 11-12 – open discussion with Observers
  • 12-1 – lunch
  • 1-2 – Discussion of Conformance and Compliance
  • 2-4 -- review of SOA TC Dynamic Model proposal and current DM work
  • 4-5 – open discussion with Observers


  • AMS went over the DMP. Motion to adopt the DMP (modifying the verbage "by-laws" to "GOM") (TJ), Seconded (JC). Unanimous approval
  • Reviewed agenda
  • Reviewed Scope and Vision
  • Reviewed Top Down Framework. AMS was concerned about the notion of TPA's - there is more value from HL7 than simply in interoperability. JC - but it is HL7's primary mission to cover interoperability. JC suggested TPA be replaced with "Information Sharing Contract". JK suggested "Interoperability Contract Specification". The "top-down framework" needs a better done slide deck.
  • <Break>
  • Discussion with Observers. Explanation between services and RM-ODP. Discussion of tbBAM. Discussion of Scope and Vision. JQ discussed the messaging of SOA out to the greater healthcare community. US Realm - payer industry (customers of X12) has made a move to clinical information. Care Management, expectation that HHS will issue final rules on attachments are motivating this. This will be a paradigm shift for Payer / NCPDP. Ed Larsen - HITSP has a portfolio of use cases. The HL7 EA can provide the organizing principle. AMS - would multiple SDOs use the same reference models?
  • Homework: AMS - conceptual model of our conformance concepts
  • Homework: JC - insuring that the models support verifiability; needs to be in business model; we need to be able to harmonize this with the MIF's expression of dynamic models
  • Straw Poll for renaming "Trading Partner Agreement" - "Working Interoperability," "Information Sharing Agreement," "***Interoperability Service Contract Specification***" Tony Julian