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20080529 arb minutes

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Architecture Board

May 29, 2008


John Koisch Tony Julian Abdul Malik Shakir Yongjian Bao Jane Curry Mead Walker


  • Discuss in brief Telcon minutes from 20080515
  • Evaluate proposed schedule


  • Revised Elements of the EA
    • BAM (CM) with the TSC
    • 'To Be' BAM, EA ArB Principles
    • Ballot Quality Requirements (Keith Boone)
    • Core Principles (ArB) In process
    • WG Re-Org Project (GG) GGrieve
    • HDF, HDF Errata, MDF (JC) Evaluation underway; will emerge from the other activities of this ArB
    • Standards Synchronization - ISO, OMG, W3C, IHE
    • Dynamic Model (JK) In process
    • Portfolio of Products / Product (Project) Lifecycle (JC) Jane Curry
    • Insure that anything that we put into the architecture be validated by The Governance and Operations Manual (HL7 HQ)
    • Top-down framework
  • AMS Need to be very clear about our decision making process is clear. We need to distribute these. JC - need to make sure that we are clear about the constituency of the ArB, and this is slightly different than membership within other working groups. For example, motions should only come from the members, and voting should only include members. Anyone can participate in the meeting and in the discussions. Roberts Rules of Order? Can call for straw votes .... Need minutes, agendas, etc. Whoever is presiding does not vote except to break a tie. AMS - this is no different than HL7 Harmonization meetings re: MnM.
  • Logistics assignments:
    • AMS - take the DMP document and modify it for ArB's use
    • JK - Project Plan and Deliverables, Goal statement and vision statement
    • Waiting on the scope (of the June Meeting) document
  • Proposed Schedule
     Day 1:
         Q1 - Level Setting based on Logistics documents

Agreement on initial scope definition, 3-meeting goal statement , policies and procedures, etc. (it would be nice if we could bring a candidate paragraph to the meeting for discussion) including specific deliverables, e.g ‘blue-sky BAM, SOA-HDF, proposed dynamic model, etc.’

         1-4:  Inventory of available artifacts including those from OASIS, HL7, Infoway, VA/DoD, etc.
         4-5:  Candidate task list for days 2-3 including possible parallelism for artifact building
     Day 2:
         9-12:  Deep dive review of OASIS SOAspec
         1-3:  Deep dive review of Infoway spec
         3-5:  Deep dive review of DoD spec
     Day 3:
         9-12:  ???
         1-4:  ???

Action Items

All JK ...

  • CM - updates on the BAM
  • GG - re-org project
  • Keith Boone - Ballot Requirement
  • vote on the prioritization of the deliverables by September; Table of deliverables and prioritiesw
  • Date and Location for subsequent meetings .... based on membership of ArB