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20080108 arb notes

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Architecture Board

January 18, 2008 January WGM Our agenda for next week will consist largely of establishing a trajectory, tasks inventory and proposed schedule, and deliverables based at least in part on the following 2008 ArB goals presented by JohnQ to the HL7 BoD:

  • Reorganize and establish a new ARB based on the above mission by Jan 2008.
  • Create a defined set of Architecture principles associated with each HL7 product by June 2008.
  • Position the ArB to work with all relevant committees of HL7 to proactively lead HL7’s adoption of HL7’s approved Architecture and establish a process for its continuous review and update by December 2008.
  • Working with the TSC, define coherent and complementary static and dynamic modeling concepts in HL7s “goal” Architecture by December 2008
  • Working with the HL7 SOA Committee, develop SOA through HL7’s HSSP collaboration with OMG and deliver a first balloted reference architecture document to include a services delivery approach as a means of using HL7’s Standards in a SOA by December 2008

meeting times for Phoenix