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WGM information 2011Jan

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This page is an archive of the links used for the meeting agendas for the 2011January Working Group Meeting in Sydney, AUS.

The Sydney Working Group Meeting has a full program of Work Group, Committee and Task Force meetings PLUS the following education events:

  • The CDA Master Class - Get a deep understanding of CDA including HL7 CDA Analyst Certification (3 days)
  • Academic Summer School - Get a deep e-Health understanding from globally leading academics such as Ed Hammond, Bernd Blobel, etc. 5 days in the week following the WGM

More information here: Sydney WGM Extended Education Events

First-Timer information here: What is a "WGM"?

Travel, Transportation and other information

  • See for information related to the flight & hotel costs and bookings, location, getting around, restaurants, places to visit, etc. If you have any questions, contact the Sydney WGM Help Line:


Technical Steering Committee

  • All TSC WGM Agendas
    • 2011JanWGM, Sydney, NSW Australia, January 9-14 2011
      • 2011-01-11 TSC WGM Agenda - Tuesday Luncheon Meeting
      • 2011-01-10 TSC WGM Agenda - Monday Co-Chairs Meeting
      • 2011-01-10 TSC Innovations Workshop will not be held
      • 2011-01-09 TSC WGM Agenda - Sunday Evening Meeting
      • 2011-01-09 TSC Agenda, Sunday Q4: HL7 Activities with other SDOs
      • 2011-01-08 TSC WGM Agenda, Saturday Meeting

Steering Division agendas:

Work Groups / other (project) Groups

Board Committees