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* Structured Documents - [[SDWG Oct 2015 Atlanta Agenda]]
* Structured Documents - [[SDWG Oct 2015 Atlanta Agenda]]
* [[Templates_WGM_2015_October  | Templates 2015 Oct]]
* [[Templates_WGM_2015_October  | Templates 2015 Oct]]
* Vocabulary -
* Vocabulary - [ Atlanta Agenda]
===Board Committees===
===Board Committees===

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  • Links to WG agendas and documents are posted here so that attendees and interested persons can review what is being worked on at the Meeting. This also acts as a snapshot to see which WGs are meeting (or not planning to meet). Please add or update your Work Group's agenda and papers as they become available.
  • First-Timer information here: What is a "WGM"?
  • Information for Auxiliary attendees of the WGM is available here: HL7 Auxiliary
  • WGM Attendee Lost and Found
  • Mobile On-Site App: TBD
  • WGM homepage

Travel, Transportation and other information

Agendas 2015Oct WGM, Atlanta, GA, October 4-9, 2015

Technical Steering Committee

Steering Division agendas:

Work Groups / other (project) Groups

Board Committees



Agenda Templates

  • Excel Template from HL7 web site /participate/templates link
  • wiki version of Excel template