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Vocabulary and RIM Harmonization Meetings

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When HL7 first considered developing a single Reference Information Model (RIM) for use in all of the HL7 technical committees (as they were then known), it adopted a process of "RIM Harmonization" to assure that:

  • There was a formal process for review and adoption of change proposals
  • The process would include representation from all interested groups within HL7
    • (and from external Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) that wished to collaborate)
  • The representatives would reach consensus before approving a proposal
  • An updated, documented, "approved" RIM would be available at each HL7 Working Group Meeting to allow progress on the RIM-based standards being developed in HL7

The first Harmonization Meeting was held July 8 & 9, 1997 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Since then there has been at least one "interim" Harmonization Meeting between each pair of Working Group Meetings. By 1999, when Vocabulary content became part of the core definition of the RIM classes, the scope was extended to include Vocabulary, and this dual responsibility has remained ever since.


In order to streamline participation in Harmonization by all interested parties, the Modeling and Methodology and Vocabulary Work Groups have developed a number of support pages on the Wiki.

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