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== Meetings ==
== Meetings ==
Meetings are weekly, '''every Tuesday''', beginning May 26, 2015 '''Time: 11:00 AM Eastern Time (GMT -5)'''
Meetings are weekly, '''every Wednesday''', beginning August 17, 2016 '''Time: 13:00'''
Duration: 1 hour (until 11:00 AM Eastern)
Duration: 1 hour (until 11:00 AM Eastern)

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The scope of this project is to identify software solutions that are able to manage the HL7 Vocabulary (code systems, value sets, concept domains and bindings) in a manner that facilitates HL7’s creation and maintenance of that content.

Project Scope Statement (approved by HL7 TSC, project #947 in Project Insight)

Project Need

HL7 has developed and maintains a vocabulary resource consisting of code systems, concept domains, and value sets, and bindings that are used in the development and use in HL7 artifacts. This content is reviewed and maintained three times a year during HL7 Vocabulary and RIM Harmonization meetings.

The set of tools currently used to maintain the HL7 content is insufficient to manage the complete set of operations needed to support terminology management activities, requiring a number of manual enhancements that are proving increasingly difficult to maintain. As a result, it is often necessary to perform direct database updates, as well as manual file merges. These tooling insufficiencies result in errors and inconsistencies in the vocabulary content over time.

Additionally, there is a requirement to promote the use of standard terminologies from external terminology providers such as the IHTSDO and Regenstrief.

Success Criteria

1. Demonstration of the ability to load the HL7 vocabulary into a running instance of the software.

2. The ability to perform HL7 vocabulary maintenance operations.

3. The ability to represent and build value set based on standard external code systems such as SNOMED CT and LOINC.

4. The ability to export the updated vocabulary in a format that is consistent with the balloted HL7 Value Set Definition specification.

5. Must be able to export the HL7 content to a MIF based representation to meet existing HL7 publishing requirements.

Project Milestones

  • Identify HL7 vocabulary tool requirements. January 2015 WGM
  • Identify candidate software and system architecture. May 2015 WGM
  • Conduct outreach to software providers. July 2015
  • Develop functional requirements comparison matrix. Sept 2015 WGM
  • Identify candidate solutions for demonstration Sept 2015 WGM
  • Schedule and conduct tool demonstrations Dec 2015
  • Report results to WGM Jan 2016 WGM
  • Final Project Report and Recommendation Jan 2016

Vocabulary Tooling Requirements Work Artifacts


Meetings are weekly, every Wednesday, beginning August 17, 2016 Time: 13:00 Duration: 1 hour (until 11:00 AM Eastern)

Dial-in#: 770-657-9270 Passcode: 598745 (same passcode as the regular Vocab WG calls) Chair: Russell Hamm

Meeting Agendas/Minutes