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Creating Concept Domains

[Exposed under VS in application]

The vast majority of the concept domains will be created during the RIM modeling process. The following operation can be used in cases where the domain doesn’t already exist in the RIM model.

Element createVocabularyDomain

The creation of a new domain needs to be voted upon, therefore createVocabularyDomain has an optional ballotStatus element. The description is technically optional, but is virtually required by HL7's style and balloting guides. It provides a description of the concept domain. createVocabularyDomain has the following attributes:

Attributes of createVocabularyDomain
vocabularyDomain The name of the new concept domain to be created
restrictsDomain The name of the parent concept domain (optional).
Example XML for createVocabularyDomain

The example above creates two concept domains – OrderableBeers and OrderableAles. OrderableAles is defined as a proper subset (restriction or constraint) on OrderableBeers.