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Running Application and GUI Overview

The installed application is started from the StartPrograms menu. (If the application has not yet been installed, use the "Installation" tab on this manual. As the application starts up, it presents a "splash window" like:

Application splash window

Note: The first startup in a given day is always slower than subsequent ones, as Java support is loaded in the initial run.

The basic layout of the application's GUI is shown in the following graphic:

Overview of application GUI

The red and yellow overlay indicates the functions of each of the panes, and the application-specific controls. Note that several of the tool-bar and menu selections are generic to the Eclipse "platform" on which the application runs. Application-specific additions to some of these options remain to be developed.

The lay-out of the panes is set in the pattern shown above whenever the application is run. However, individual panes may be re-sized, and/or undocked (allowed) to "float" if that is desired.