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Data Source Backup

In order to allow users to "undo" the changes they make to the data contents of the design repository, this application automatically backs up the data store the first time that store is opened. The file is backed up in the same directory as the original, and the file name of the backup is constructed by appending _MASTER to the base file name of the source.

Thus, if you open data base rim0217d-emptyRepository-20070727.mdb as your data source, the application will look in the same directory for a file named rim0217d-emptyRepository-20070727_MASTER.mdb. If such a file is present, the application does nothing. If such a file is not present, the application will create it as a simple copy of the designated source. (Note that the date-time stamp on the copy will be the time that the application makes the copy, not the time stamp of the file being copied.)

The application has a command to restore the database at any time. This command simply copies the backup onto the source, thus undoing all changes made since the backup was first created.

Keep in mind the following:

Principles of data store backup

  • The backup is created the first time you open the source and is never updated.
  • To "update" the backup:
    1. Close the application
    2. Delete the backup (with _MASTER in the file name)
    3. Reopen the application and select the same source, thus causing a new backup to be created
  • The cautious user will also make a separate backup of the source file periodically