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Code System View

The code system view is the first pane to be populated with data when the vocabulary is loaded from the HL7 design repository. This view, in the figure below, lists each of the HL7 registered code systems in alphabetic order of the code system name.

Initial window

As shown above, the data listed in the pane include:

  • Name
  • OID
  • Type: E - Externally defined; I - Internally defined; EI - Externally defined, internally published
  • Description (partial)

To see more details of the meta-data for a code system, including the publishing organization and contact data, double-click on one of the entries in the pane to see the details as in the figure below. Note: Because the data are incomplete, the details can only be retrieved for code systems where the "type" code is listed in the pane above.

Code System Meta data