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The meeting will be held on the hosted Skype meeting call.
The meeting will be held on the hosted Skype meeting call.
Active Connectathon Calls all times PST
8am to 2pm Main call  1-800-406-9547 ID= 730216
9am to 10:30am  FHIR Tutorial Call 1-800-406-9547 ID=5941366
== Important notes:==
== Important notes:==

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(This page is under construction and contains information that is still subject to update and correction.) This page describes the first FHIR Virtual Connectathon that will be held on Wednesday July 13 (11am - 5pm++ EST) hosted by Cambia.


The meeting will be held on the hosted Skype meeting call.

Active Connectathon Calls all times PST
8am to 2pm Main call  1-800-406-9547 ID= 730216
9am to 10:30am  FHIR Tutorial Call 1-800-406-9547 ID=5941366

Important notes:

  • Please note virtual pizza will be provided.


The following are the themes for the Connectathon. Each item links to the original proposal, with the coordinators name and email on the linked page. More details on each track appear in this document.

To assist with management on the day, participants are *strongly encouraged* to add their name to the Tracking Document.

Connectathon Organization

The connectathon will be held over 1 day. It is intended for participants to test and develop software in an informal way. Test servers will be available (actually, they are already - FHIR Test Servers ).

This is the first FHIR Virtual Connectathon.

The connectathon will start Wednesday July 13 at 11AM and run until 4PM EST with a wrap up from 4PM to 5PM. Dave DeGandi will facilitate and host a Skype meeting with screen share from 11AM to 5:00PM EST, his will be the “Main Call” for the connectathon. It will be open mic where people can ask questions, share lessons, successes and address the entire group.

We will dynamically break out topic discussion threads as needed, these will be Cambia hosted lync meetings with chat, audio and screen share. People can join the threads which interest them. The Main call and the active break out thread discussions information will be maintained on the Tracking Document.

Connectathon Planning Team


If you or your company are interested in participating in the connectathon, please do the following.

  • Read the Connectathon version of the FHIR Specification and the FHIR wiki if you haven't already done so, to become familiar with the concepts.
  • Read the scenario descriptions below.
  • Register to attend, and make sure to select the Connectathon option when you do
  • Optionally add your details below (in the 'Registered Participants' section) to indicate the scenarios you intend to participate in

Space at the venue is limited, so please register as soon as possible. Preference will be given to those who are actually participating in the technical event, but observers are welcome if space permits.

For any queries, either contact a member of the planning team, or post your question in the FHIR list server

Registered Participants

see the Tracking Document

Test servers

see the Tracking Document

Connectathon track scenarios

This section lists the scenarios that are proposed for each track.

Note that this track - as with all tracks - will use the 'DSTU2' version of FHIR as described here. If you've been to a connectathon before and done this track, then you may need to change your code, as there have been many important changes to the specification.

Track 1 Virtual Patient track

Servers (Supporting the messaging interoperability paradigm)


Track 1 - Virtual Patient Track

Results by track

how many completed each track - clients & servers

Key learnings

what changes to the spec resulted from the connectathon?

Changes next time

Does the track need to be repeated next time? (Remember, there are lots to do!) If so, what would be changed?

Overall comments

anything else - what worked, what didn't could the overall organization be changed

== =

Other References