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Version 2 of the Child Health Profile

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Use this page to accumulate ideas about what is needed in the second version of the Child Health Profile.

We have already done what we can toy promote as many features of version 1 of the CHP into version 2 of the Functional Model. Once version 2 of the FM is completed, we will create a version 2 of our profile.

Ideas for What to Add

  • Harmonize our CHP with the Emergency Care profile. The EM profile takes a different approach from ours, in that they created many subsidiary functions. Our approach, in contrast, was to modify the conformance criteria of the existing functions. We may want to take a page from the Emergency Care folks and adopt some of the same functions they did.
  • Get more detailed about features of the pediatric social history.
  • Examine blood banking functions more carefully. I think blood banking, tissue banking, fall outside the boundaries of pediatric specific requirements. This is very complex laboratory level functionality--ie specimen attribution etc that needs to be done for all patients and therefore does not belong in the CHP
  • Update references to growth charts to reflect current practice guideline (e.g., WHO charts for < 2 y/o).