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Version 2 - FHIR Mapping Scenarios

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The testing scenarios below are in preparation for FHIR CAT #9 in Paris.


ADT messages: a sequence comprised of A31, A01, A02, A08, A03 trigger events.

  • The sequence A31-A01-A02 will contain 2 allergies, A08 drops one allergy (A08 and A03 only contain 2 allergies). This is a challenge in that one allergy has to be deleted. The A01 will introduce 2 next-of-kin segments, the A08 will drop 1 (and thus only contain 1 next of kin).
  • A31 is a new resource, remaining events are mostly updates on existing resources. This is a challenge in that there are no unique resource.ids in HL7 v2.
  • Simone: That would mean that the submitting client has to make the FHIR server purge all Allergies before processing any A08 message since we'll never know *which* Allergy has been deleted.
    • Rene: Or (but this may take a server side transaction [I'm stil reading the FHIR messaging spec]) the server/receiver will have to be smart enough to purge the 'dropped allergy'. The need to purge one allergy is implied because of the snapshot nature of messaging.

Lab Results

Lab results: a sequence comprised of ORU temporary result, and ORU final result. Chem tests.

  • This requires updating of existing resources, which is a challenge in that there are no unique resource.ids in HL7 v2.

Microbiology Results (advanced)

Microbiology results: ORL.

  • This requires that one links observations related to the organisms with observations related to the susceptabilities of those organisms to antobiotics.