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Version 2.9 requests Proposal NNN

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This is a page of type Category:InM Open Action Items.

Version 2.9 requests Proposal NNN

V2 Proposal NNN ( tentative number )


Date submitted: 06/10/13

Submitter: Eric M Haas

Firm: Contractor to the Association of Public Health Laboratories

Phone: 707-227-2608


Version 2.9

Sect.: 2.A.14 CX.5, 2.A.87 XCN.13, 2.A.88 XON.7

Related Ch./sect.: 2.C.2.136 0203 - Identifier Type

Attachment: Media:The_length_of_CX.docx

Justification: The length of CX.5, XCN.13, and XON.7 need to be corrected to correspond with the values listed in the code table.

Description: The length of CX.5, XCN.13, and XON.7 is listed as 2..5 in Chapter 2A and refers to HL7 table 203 (Identifier Type) - the smallest value in that table has only 1 character and currently causes an error - example 'U' for 'Unspecified Identifier'. Change length to 1..5. ( PPN.13 correctly assigns a length of 1..5) This has been present since at least v251. Status received: