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Value Set Expansion Standard Project

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Project Scope

This project builds upon the work of the Value Set Definition standard to define what content belongs in a value set expansion, how that can be defined, and will include how an expansion may be constrained for a particular use, such as the FHIR Expansion Profile.

Project Scope Statement

Download current PSS here

General meeting Agenda

Next meeting - after Jan 2017 WGM - will be January 24th and then every other week after that
Remember USA is now on STANDARD TIME EST is UTC -5

Meetings occur every other week - Tuesdays @ 2pm EDT for 60 min. - alternating with VBS call

Telephone uses standard HL7 Vocab number: 1 (770) 657-9270,,,598745# - NOT THE SHARED SCREEN NUMBER FOR MIKOGO OR OTHERS

Meeting will be one of the following web share environments

July 25 and August 8 meetings will be chaired by Ted Klein using the "Join.Me Session" below

Normal web share sessions:

Mikogo session

If the above link does not work, you can follow these steps instead to join a session:
# Go to
# Enter the Session ID: 368-206-475
# Enter your name
# Click "Join Session"

Join.Me session

The above link works with any browser. Once there:

  1. Click on "Knock To Enter"


VSE Minutes Here