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Value Set Expansion Minutes

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Meetings occur every other week - Tuesdays @ 2pm ET for 60 min. - alternating with VBS call

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2017-06-13 meeting to be chaired by Carmela Couderc using this GTM:

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United States: +1 (646) 749-3122
Access Code: 418-498-861

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Chair: Carmela Couderc (see GTM above), Attendees:  Richard Esmond, quorum not reached


  1. Announcement: From the TSC report this week: The Project Approval Request by the Vocabulary WG of the FTSD for Specification for Value Set Expansion at Project Insight 1325 and TSC Tracker 13434 was approved. Expansions are the implementable artefacts from a value set definition. The VSD STU does not define the details of the content of a value set expansion, nor the standard layout of that content. This project will define this and any additional artifacts necessary, and produce an STU for Value Set Expansions which is intended to harmonize the diverse approaches the existing product lines have taken to define the content and layout of implementable value set expansions. It will also address the migration strategy for the product lines.
  2. Reviewed the latest version of the expansion process diagram
  3. Briefly discussed the relationship between binding, VSD and VSE
    1. Confirmed that a binding is always to a VSD, however conformance is tested against VSE - more on that when Frank's slide deck is discussed
  4. Adjourned @2:17 pm Eastern
  5. Planned Agenda:
    1. Continue discussion on Expansion process as illustrated by the Current proposed process and Frank's new slides
    2. Perhaps look at FHIR Expansion Profile
    3. Need to also consider interaction with Sharing Value Set (SVS-IHE) specification SVS wiki page and SVS Spec


Chair: Rob M., Attendees: Ted K, Richard Esmond, Frank O, Carol M, Susan B., Lisa Anderson, Carmela Couderc


  1. Confirm Approval of PSS
    1. Not confirmed - emails sent
  2. Review updated ppt and look at FHIR expansion profile resource.
    1. RM noted that if "profiling" can change the code system version (as FHIR allows) this makes an "unprofiled expansion" impractical because it would have to have all code systems.
    2. Sequencing of expansion steps is important because a code system version needs to be defined to make an expansion that can then be constrained or enhanced.
    3. Group started to like a modification of the first ppt diagram better: Current proposed process. The "Sequencing" must be clarified - code system version first at least.
  3. Next Agenda
    1. RM will not be available - Will confirm that Ted can run call.
    2. continue discussion on process. Perhaps look at FHIR Expansion Profile


First post-WGM session. Decided to meet week after WGM so attendance may be low
Chair: Rob M., Attendees: Rob H - Quorum NOT met. Call ended after 30min.


  1. Further discussion on Expand Process ppt to further clarify steps in expansion and should there be a "un-profiled" expansion as a distinct artifact.
    1. Rob and Rob discussed clarification in what the "un-profiled" would contain. To be reviewed by group.
  2. Next meeting
    1. Review updated ppt and look at FHIR expansion profile resource.


Chair - Rob McClure. Attendees: Ted, Rob Snelick, Frank Oemig, Susan Barber, Carmela, Rob McClure, Lisa Anderson (joint commission)
We are using Rob's Mikogo shared screen for today's call
Call began 14:05 EDT

  1. Status
  2. Confirm approval state and draft state of PSS
    1. Added Conformance as co-sponsor
    2. Will confirm no re-votes necessary
  3. Madrid Agenda
    1. Monday Q3 time
    2. Timing for future bi-weekly meetings: Need to consider co-sponsors
  4. Next Items
    1. Review PowerPoint diagram in DropBox
    2. Work on explicit list of fundamentals
  5. Call adjourned at xxx EDT. Next call will be setup in the Madrid planning session next week Thursday Q4.


Call was cancelled. Next call May 2.


Chair - Ted, Rob Snelick, Frank Oemig, Susan Barber, Carmela, Rob McClure, Lisa Anderson (joint commission), Rob Hausam
We are using Ted's shared screen for today's call
Call began 14:05 EDT

  1. Status
  2. Confirm PSS Approvals
    1. Ted reviewed the PSS and where we are, and the CIMI comments relative to the fact that some Normative standards are Logical Models, not just implementation models
    2. PSS with all approvals was forwarded to the FHIR-I chairs today with a request to approve
  3. Next items to be discussed
    1. Agree on Fundamental Principles
      1. A VSE (Value Set Expansion) is, at its most basic, a list of concepts from one or more code systems, which are signified in some known way;
      2. In addition, a VSE might contain additional information associated with the contained concepts.
      3. An instance of a VSE (Value Set Expansion) is an end-product of the expansion process, whose input consists of Code System(s) content, Value Set Definition(s), Binding Information, and Expansion Profile(s).
    2. Outline Approach
      1. Out of time
  4. Actions
    1. Ted will put the powerpoint diagrams he was working on during the call in DropBox.
    2. Ted will cancel the call in the HL7 call calendar
  5. Next call
    1. Continue until we agree on our fundamentals
    2. Next call is scheduled for Tuesday April 18, but neither Ted nor Rob McClue will be available. We will have to cancel this call and resume on May 2.
  6. Call adjourned at 15:04 EDT.


Chair - Rob, Susan, Carmela, Richard, Ted
Call 1402 EDT Agenda

  1. Finalize PSS approvals
    1. FHIR (LM) has raised concerns about making a normative track spec that does not fully define implementable constructs for impacted product lines. He thinks VSE should be Informative. GG noted that this could not be aligned with CTS2 and this needs to be clarified.
    2. TK notes this is an infrastructure specification as normative out of alignment product family specs could later align.
    3. Changes made to scope.
    4. Will present to CIMI later this week. Contact SD and FHIR to review. Then Vocab in 10 days to finalize.

Next Agenda

  1. Confirm PSS approvals
  2. Begin to outline Approach for project

2017-02-21 Minutes

Rob - chair; Ted, Frank, Carmela
Call commenced at 2:05PM ET after quorum reached.

  1. Continue work on crafting PSS
    1. We began with the version in Dropbox from last call
    2. Saved v0.3

Next meeting March 7 Neither Rob nor Ted will not be available - The meeting will be cancelled. Next meeting March 21.
Next Agenda

  1. Finalize PSS approvals
  2. Begin to outline Approach for project

2017-02-07 Minutes

Ted - chair; Susan Barber, Carmela Couderc
Call commenced at 2:09PM ET after quorum reached.

  1. Continue work on crafting PSS
    1. We began with the version in Dropbox from last call (labeled V0.1, and edited it for V0.2
    2. We made enhancements to the Project Scope and Project Need sections 3a and 3b
    3. We worked extensively on the project deliverable dates; it is unclear if the end date should be for the STU, or include the STU-to-Normative period; Ted to ask Dave H.
    4. We need to decide if Dropbox location is consistent with the TSC guidelines for project repository, and if so, the link and necessary signup information must be put in the PSS. If not, we need to determine an alternate project repository location.
    5. We are almost done, but a little more work is needed.
    6. Ted to update the new draft in Dropbox.

Next meeting Feb. 21 - Rob will run the call, Using Mikogo

2017-01-24 Minutes

Rob - chair, Ted, Richard, Susan, Carol Macumber, Rob H.
Work on crafting PSS
See Draft PSS via link on main page
Next meeting Feb. 7 - Ted will run the call, Using Join Me