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Final changes suggested (and resubmitted as ballot comments in January 2010)
==Data Types Abstract R2==
==Data Types Abstract R2==
[[DataType V2.0 Comments]]
[[DataType V2.0 Comments]]

Latest revision as of 17:59, 26 March 2010


Media: HL7 V3 User Model 070530.pdf

Media: HL7_EditingProcess_070608.pdf


The Vocabulary assessment had limited extant text to operate on, and the document consists primarily of recommendations for creating content.

Media: Vocabulary Assessment.pdf

September 2008 WGM: Media: HL7V3Editing_Vocabulary_080915.pdf

January 2009 WGM: Media: CorePrinciples_notes_090111.doc

January 2009 WGM: Media: CorePrinciples_notes_090112.doc

Core Principles, 3/21/09 tracked Media: CorePrinciples_v005g.doc

Core Principles, 3/21/09 pdf Media: CorePrinciples_v005h.pdf

Core Principles, 3/21/09 issues Media: CP_Issues.pdf


The RIM document assessment consolidates detailed review of the core into a set of recommendations.

Media: RIM Document Assessment 08.pdf

The RIM document editorial tasks details the items the team will undertake, based on committee discussion of the recommendations.

Media: RIM_Document_Editorial_Tasks_080113.pdf

RIM core edits for Harmonization April 08

Updates from May WGM, to be published by the committee. This is a zipped Access file: download, do not view.


Edits for November Harmonization:

Media: RIMEditsOctober2008.ZIP

Media: HL7V3Editing_RIMIntro_080929.pdf

RIM Introduction as Core Principles

As much RIM Intro material, and material recommended for the RIM Intro, has found a home in Core Principles, the project has also edited the RIM sections of Core Principles. The third iteration is posted here for the January 2010 ballot.


Many of the changes in that document are responses to September 2009 ballot comments. Where a ballot comment is addressed in the document, this ballot digest identifies the approach taken.

Final changes suggested (and resubmitted as ballot comments in January 2010)

Data Types Abstract R2

DataType V2.0 Comments