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RIM core edits for Harmonization April 08
RIM core edits for Harmonization April 08
[[Media: RIM_Core_Draft_0408.pdf]]
==Editing Notes==
==Editing Notes==
[[DataType V2.0 Comments]]
[[DataType V2.0 Comments]]

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Procedural works in progress

Media: HL7 V3 User Model 070530.pdf

Media: HL7_EditingProcess_070608.pdf

V3 Editing drafts in process

The Vocabulary assessment had limited extant text to operate on, and the document consists primarily of recommendations for creating content.

Media: Vocabulary Assessment.pdf

The RIM document assessment consolidates detailed review of the core into a set of recommendations.

Media: RIM Document Assessment 08.pdf

The RIM document editorial tasks details the items the team will undertake, based on committee discussion of the recommendations.

Media: RIM_Document_Editorial_Tasks_080113.pdf

RIM core edits for Harmonization April 08

Editing Notes

DataType V2.0 Comments