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Minutes of Recent Publishing Conference Calls

Wednesday, Sept 14, 2011, Q3

Chair: Woody Beeler (GWB)

Scribe: Andy Stechishin (AS)

Attendees: Don Lloyd (DL)

Task list:

  1. Go through and put param switch for where things need to be left out for producing Normative Edition
  2. 3.4.5 not aligned with current (Canadian generator) updates - AS will review

Continuous Normative Edition

  • Tag and Post to SVN, complete file set for NE2011 (DL to post, GWB to tag)
  • Revise transforms to parameterize NE exceptions
  • Build an NE Manifest - Excel - with indications of:
    • Status - Planned, Under Review, Final (approved and ready), Removed
  • Post CombinedMIF for each document in sourcemif and include the 2 package MIF (from PackageMIF)
  • Plan (perhaps in 2012) how to migrate some pub processes to new generator
  • Consider integrating new Generator validation results into ballot package and QA reports

Goal: Get new generator to do exactly what we need for publication with minimum change to publication processes and scripts with before and after tests to validate

Publishing Toolkit

  • Isolate input/support from input/<content> would be used with redirected output)
  • Update Q/A for MnM static model check list
  • Review Ballot2011SP for aging/aged material
  • Align Generator (see tasks above)
  • Start to integrate new UV Generator
  • Use a single "ballot content" file to set customize the ballot framework for each build
    • Set source and parameter files, build sequence lists, active, etc in environment, properties
      • Welcome Welcome/Intro
      • Backbone
      • Approval.xml
      • TOC
      • Frameset in Welcome environment
      • Issues
      • Downloads
  • Check in update instructions on 'constrain to focal'

Generator Migration to UV

  • Need test suite
    • First pass - Old Generator and CA 'default' which should be like old
    • Devise strategy for "content scope management" - the need to merge our packaging controls with CA generator ones
    • Verify documentation of configuration and processes is usable as UV and on the Wiki

Friday, Sept 16, 2011, Q2

Chair/Scribe: Andy Stechishin (AS)

Attendees: jean Duteau (JD)

Open discussion