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Seppala, Lloyd, Beeler


Started with noites from Sunday Q4

Desktop Publishing needs to support:

  • Publishing Cycle
    • Prepare Graphics, (clickable) from Visio
    • Extract xml (like uvpa.xml) from DB
  • Position source:
    • Put files in right directories
    • Clean temporary directories
  • Run Generator
  • Position interim output:
    • Put files in right directories
  • Run publish domain


  • Provide "Scorched Earth" BAT files for Temporary files
  • Document and expose Bat File for Static Model documentation merger migration
  • Clean up for Publishing "Temp" files
  • Define a step-by-step process using SVN
    • Include a process/analysis that would flag which files to use.
    • Discussed using "manifest" as an "exclude"
    • Issue with manifest is that it does not recognize missing files (frequently arise from mis-stated references in the PubDB)

PubDb Issues:

  • Provide a reference PubDb with SC MT QI MI CI AI domains and a merge capability to replace previous stuff; include corrected vtPubSections
  • Domain merge is missing annotation types and not updating with "new" annotations

Visio Issues:

  • Visio "Repair document" SCREWS the design (Switches all class codes to "ACT" and then tries to drop attributes that are not in Act.)
  • Visio validate against RIM ALSO screws up the content. See emails from Gregg