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Section and Domain Codes

  • AM – Administrative Management (Section)
    • PR – Subsection: Practice
      • MM: Domain: Materials Management
      • PA: Domain: Patient Administration
      • PM: Domain: Personnel Management
      • SC: Domain: Scheduling
    • FI -- Subsection: Financial
      • CR: Domain: Claims and Reimbursement
      • AB: Domain: Accounting and Billing
      • CO: Domain: Coverage
  • HM – Health and Clinical Management (Section)
    • PO – Subsection: Operations
      • BB: Domain: Blood, Tissue, Organ
      • CD: Domain: Clinical Document Architecture
      • CG: Domain: Clinical Genomics
      • CP: Domain: Common Product Model
      • DI: Domain: Diagnostic Imaging
      • EM: Emergency Medical Services
      • II: Domain: Imaging Integration
      • IZ: Domain: Immunization
      • LB: Domain: Laboratory
      • ME: Domain: Identification of Medicinal Products
      • NU: Domain: Diet and Nutrition
      • OB: Domain: Observations
      • OR: Domain: Orders
      • PH: Domain: Public Health [results from split of initial public health RR.]
      • QM: Domain: Quality Measures [added 7/1/09]
      • RI: Domain: Informative Public Health (not currently used)
      • RP: Domain: Regulated Products
      • RR: Domain: Regulated Reporting [some topics split to new POPH.]
      • RT: Domain: Regulated Studies
      • RX: Domain: Pharmacy
      • SP: Domain: Specimen
      • TD: Domain: Therapeutic Devices
    • RE – Subsection: Reasoning
      • DS: Domain: Clinical Decision Support
      • PC: Domain: Care Provision (Formerly Patient Care)
    • RC – Subsection: Records
      • MR: Domain: Medical Records
  • IM – Infrastructure Management (Section)
    • CO – Subsection: Common Message Elements (CMETs)
      • CS: Domain: Clinical Statement
      • CT: Domain: Common Message Elements
      • MT: Domain: Shared Messages
    • MC – Subsection: Message Control
      • AI: Message Control Act Infrastructure
      • CI: Domain: Transmission Infrastructure
    • MF – Subsection: Master File Management
      • AC: Domain: Act Classes
      • EN: Domain: Entity Classes
      • MI: Domain: Master File Infrastructure
      • RO: Domain: Role Classes
    • QU – Subsection: Query
      • PA: Domain: Patient Administration
      • QI: Domain: Query Infrastructure
  • RM – Realm Specific Domains
    • GB – United Kingdom
    • CA – Canada

Domain Analysis Models (Uses 3-letter codes)

  • ANS: Preoperative Anesthesiology
  • CRD: Cardiology
  • DCM: Detailed Clinical Models
  • DMD: Detailed Clinical Models for Medical Devices
  • EMS: Emergency Medical Services
  • IMZ: Immunization
  • NUT: Domain: Nutrition Services (O&O) [new: 7/8/2011]
  • PCD: Composite Privacy Consent Directive
  • REG: Interdependent Registries
  • SEC: Security
  • SHI: Semantic Health Information Performance and Privacy Standard (SHIPPS)
  • TBS: Tuberculosis
  • ULC: Pressure Ulcer Prevention
  • VMR: Virtual Medical Record
  • VRC: Vital Records

Artifact Codes

Code Artifact
AR Application Role
DM D-MIM (Domain Message Information Model)
DO Domain
EX Example
HD HMD (Heirarchical Message Descriptor)
IN Interaction
MT Message Type
NC Narrative Content
RM R-MIM (Refined Message Information Model)
ST Storyboard
SN Storyboard Narrative
TE Trigger Event