V3 Publishing Section and Domain Codes

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Section and Domain Codes

  • AM – Administrative Management (Section)
    • PR – Subsection: Practice
      • MM: Domain: Materials Management
      • PA: Domain: Patient Administration
      • PM: Domain: Personnel Management
      • SC: Domain: Scheduling
    • FI -- Subsection: Financial
      • CR: Domain: Claims and Reimbursement
      • AB: Domain: Accounting and Billing
      • CO: Domain: Coverage
  • HM – Health and Clinical Management (Section)
    • PO – Subsection: Operations
      • BB: Domain: Blood, Tissue, Organ
      • CD: Domain: Clinical Document Architecture
      • CG: Domain: Clinical Genomics
      • CP: Domain: Common Product Model
      • DI: Domain: Diagnostic Imaging
      • EM: Emergency Medical Services
      • II: Domain: Imaging Integration
      • IZ: Domain: Immunization
      • LB: Domain: Laboratory
      • ME: Domain: Identification of Medicinal Products
      • NU: Domain: Diet and Nutrition
      • OB: Domain: Observations
      • OR: Domain: Orders
      • PH: Domain: Public Health [results from split of initial public health RR.]
      • QM: Domain: Quality Measures [added 7/1/09]
      • RI: Domain: Informative Public Health (not currently used)
      • RP: Domain: Regulated Products
      • RR: Domain: Regulated Reporting [some topics split to new POPH.]
      • RT: Domain: Regulated Studies
      • RX: Domain: Pharmacy
      • SP: Domain: Specimen
      • TD: Domain: Therapeutic Devices
    • RE – Subsection: Reasoning
      • DS: Domain: Clinical Decision Support
      • PC: Domain: Care Provision (Formerly Patient Care)
    • RC – Subsection: Records
      • MR: Domain: Medical Records
  • IM – Infrastructure Management (Section)
    • CO – Subsection: Common Message Elements (CMETs)
      • CS: Domain: Clinical Statement
      • CT: Domain: Common Message Elements
      • MT: Domain: Shared Messages
    • MC – Subsection: Message Control
      • AI: Message Control Act Infrastructure
      • CI: Domain: Transmission Infrastructure
    • MF – Subsection: Master File Management
      • AC: Domain: Act Classes
      • EN: Domain: Entity Classes
      • MI: Domain: Master File Infrastructure
      • RO: Domain: Role Classes
    • QU – Subsection: Query
      • PA: Domain: Patient Administration
      • QI: Domain: Query Infrastructure
  • RM – Realm Specific Domains
    • GB – United Kingdom
    • CA – Canada

Domain Analysis Models (Uses 3-letter codes)

  • ANS: Preoperative Anesthesiology
  • CRD: Cardiology
  • DCM: Detailed Clinical Models
  • DMD: Detailed Clinical Models for Medical Devices
  • EMS: Emergency Medical Services
  • IMZ: Immunization
  • NUT: Domain: Nutrition Services (O&O) [new: 7/8/2011]
  • PCD: Composite Privacy Consent Directive
  • REG: Interdependent Registries
  • SEC: Security
  • SHI: Semantic Health Information Performance and Privacy Standard (SHIPPS)
  • TBS: Tuberculosis
  • ULC: Pressure Ulcer Prevention
  • VMR: Virtual Medical Record
  • VRC: Vital Records

Artifact Codes

Code Artifact
AR Application Role
DM D-MIM (Domain Message Information Model)
DO Domain
EX Example
HD HMD (Heirarchical Message Descriptor)
IN Interaction
MT Message Type
NC Narrative Content
RM R-MIM (Refined Message Information Model)
ST Storyboard
SN Storyboard Narrative
TE Trigger Event

Document Type

Code Document Type
BB Backbone
CF Conformance
DT Data Types
GL Glossary
IT ITS (Implementation Technology Specification)
NC Narrative Content
PB Publication Domain Database
RI RIM (Reference Information Model)
RP Repository Database
VG Version 3 Guide
VO Vocabulary