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V3 Publishing Process Overview

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V3 Publishing

This Wiki page is an overview to the V3 Publishing process with links to the various detail process descriptions along the way

  1. PSS (Project Scope Statement)
  2. Prepare Documents and Artifacts
    1. Installation of Publisher's Workbench and Associated Tools
    2. Retrieval of existing Domain content
    3. Request New CMETs
    4. Producing HL7 Content
      1. Domain Analysis Models
      2. Version 3 Domain content
      3. Implementation Guides
      4. Non-Domain Documents
  3. NIB (Notice of Intent to Ballot)
  4. Submit Preview Content
    1. Packaging Content for submission
    2. Content Submission Workflow
  5. Submit Final Content
    1. Deadlines
    2. Policy on Patching Content once Ballot is Open
  6. Retrieve Ballot Comments
  7. Reconcile Comments
  8. Apply Changes to Content
  9. Submit for inclusion in Normative Edition