V3 Publishing ConCall Minutes 20100728

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V3 Publishing Teleconference

Meeting Information

HL7 V3 Publishing Meeting Minutes

Location: GoToMeeting ID: 212-860-120

Conference Call: HL7 Conference Call Service:

  • Phone: 770-657-9270
  • Passcode: 657896
Date: 2010-04-28
Time: 04:00-05:00 pm Eastern
Facilitator Woody Beeler (GWB) Note taker(s) Andy Stechishin (AS)
Attendee Name Affiliation
× George "Woody" Beeler (GWB) Beeler Consulting
Jean Duteau (JD) Gordon Point Informatics
× Pete Gilbert (PG)
× Austin Kreisler (AK) SAIC/CDC
Patrick Loyd (PL) Gordon Point Informatics
× Don Lloyd (DL) HL7 International
Joginder Madra (JM) Gordon Point Informatics
Mary-Kay McDaniel (MK)
Dale Nelson (DN)
× Gregg Seppala (GS) Veteran's Administration
× Andy Stechishin (AS) Gordon Point Informatics
× Rob Savage (RS)
Anita Walden (AW) Duke University
Quorum Requirements Met: yes


Agenda Topics

  1. Agenda review and approval
  2. Approve previous meeting minutes
  3. Around the Table
  4. Notes from Don Lloyd
  5. Adjourn


Minutes/Conclusions Reached:

  1. Agenda
    • Called to order 4:10 pm Eastern
  2. Approve previous meeting minutes
    • Minutes not posted yet - postponed until next meeting
  3. Around the Table
    1. GWB
      • Harmonization - move up the Criterion proposal by 1 day, B Dolin can only be there for first day
  4. Notes from Don Lloyd
    • The Sep 2010 Ballot review site up, material received to date has been posted
      • The site was built using the existing (or old) publishing process not the MIF based process.
    • Getting questions on publishing Implementation Guides
      • Need to raise as a burgeoning issue
      • Currently DL just confirms some items when IG is received for publishing
      • There is a need to set up templates for future use (IG and general documents)
      • Need to develop standards for Word based documents, or at least a style guide
      • There should be some minimum content defined
      • Perhaps produce a style guide and a basic Word template for use for all Word created ballot documents
      • Need to surface Implementation Guides as topic for Cambridge
      • Need to mention Implementation Guides at next Steering Division call
  5. Adjourned 4:29 pm Eastern.

Meeting Outcomes

Actions (Include Owner, Action Item, and due date)
  • AS: Inform Steering Division of burgeoning Implementation Guide issue
  • AS: Identify Implementation Guides as an important discussion item at the Cambridge WGM
Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items
  • Publishing Facilitator Guide