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Minutes of Recent Publishing Conference Calls

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 -- 4:00 PM Eastern


Beeler (GWB), Kreisler (AK), Lloyd (DL), Seppala (GS), Stechishin (AS), Savage (RS)


Call to order at 4:04

Chair: GWB

Scribe AS

Review Minutes of March 3, 2010

Motion to approve with the following amendment:

The RIM changes was only missing in DataTypes R1

GS/AS 4-0-0

Action Items

Multiple versions and Names CMETs

GWB remove all conflicts for both mult names 2 same cmet and one name with mult versions of cmet

GS: cmetinfo had names that was never used

GWB: add test for condition

GWB: there should be a 1 to 1 mapping of name to identifier (all out to release number)

Goal measures in contents of IFC

Processable Content

1 yr - remove v2 never had process content (had to buy)

Norm Ed

extended to mar 11 COB

DT r2 need to post recon xls, GWB to contact Grahame Grieve

need to verify latest generator

discussion on rmim

Action GWB: QbP Value parameter is displaying CWE for all data types, unbless you open the class and close - verify that this can be fixed by an automated update.


AK correct issues with generic domain should be showing up as NEPH question on NE content deadline, DL adhoc

Around Table

xspecref used in v3 structures, did not find ref, DL used ilxspecref recognized

would it handle into a domain and into its annexes DL: look at lh nav for use the location within ()after thatch) xspecref spec=pa ref=PRPA_DO000000UV-Annexidentifiedperson-ic alt=mytext

question for Paul Biron?

Action: AS check with Lloyd representation of requirements in MIF (Jan ballot PA person annex) inform

Registries::Real Time Location::Requirements

Notes from Don Lloyd

next Sunday CMET deadline, has distributed stripped down PubDB

discussion on CPM cmets

Adjourned at 5:15