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Minutes of Recent Publishing Conference Calls

Wednesday, August 5, 2009 -- 4:00 PM Eastern


Beeler, Gilbert, Harding, Kreisler, Lloyd, McDaniel, Stechishin, Savage


Call to order at 4:05

Review Minutes of July 29, 2009

Austin/Pete 6-0-0

Notes from Don

  • Most of the ballot content is close based on feedback received
  • The generator run is clean from errors
  • Still need updated CMET preface from Dale
  • Wondered if anyone had any issues with the left-hand Table of Contents
    • Following a change received JavaScript error: folders tree undefined
    • May have to do with set top frame-text
    • No one on call had encountered the issue, Don requested that if it was encountered, any debugging information would be appreciated


Woody provided some history to the group on MIF/MIF-Lite/XHTML licensing issues and the resolution that was accepted by the Tooling Work Group. Tooling has agreed to move the XHTML namespace which would require a change to every MIF produced as well as every source file and the transforms. The version of the MIF to implement this change is MIF 2.5. Woody stated that the 2.5 version of the MIF was waiting for some work to complete prior to it being used in the generation and publishing process and the window for implementing this change kept slipping. Woody committed to the task and completed the necessary changes over the previous weekend. He was waiting on a note from Lloyd Mckenzie confirming that the changes were successful but intends to use the new very of the MIF and generator for the current cycle ballot. The primary advantage is that ability to publish MIF-Lite files for use by the Static Model Designer and other tools.


  • Working on tracking down the complete infomation for all CMETs
  • Asked Don if the 2.x implementation guide was OK, was worried there may be some problems creating PDF


in qm doc Bob has defn hoped it was a glossary "Core Glossary" text is appearing and Pete would like to suppress each has glist with gitem, transform is inserting text

  • gloss entry has switch either domain or core glossary
    • need 3rd format if occurs for definition
    • drop "core glossary" and "return to glossary index"
  • need term to be balloted

for Don:

  • when model redone, some attributes desc were lost
  • check with Bob if correct model, Pete will paste attr desc back in
  • Austin: once XML file created must be included with visio file
  • fix for bi-directional


need generator source from Don, vocab and rim both up


Adjourned at 4:55