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V3 Publishing ConCall Minutes 20090211

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Minutes of Recent Publishing Conference Calls

Wednesday, February 11, 2009 -- 4:00 PM Eastern


Beeler, Kreisler, Seppala, Stechishin, Savage


Issue with RoseTree

Austin reported an issue with Rosetree version 4.2.23 seems to work, 4.2.24/4.2.25 do not

Review Minutes of February 4, 2009

Stechishin/Savage 4-0-0

MIF Lite

Woody briefly reported that W3C had approved the licensing of files (with W3C licenses) in the MIF Lite package.

Keith Boone Issue

Invalid_x_Value_Sets_in_NE2008 The affected value set can be corrected very shortly, Patch for NE2008, vocab source design repos, vocab schema, MIF files

Woody patch for other ballots, Austin suggested announce and offer to patch if required


CDA R2 -gone to ISO ICSR how to get rid of link to conformance document, implement constraining process

SVN and Pub



Round Table

Gregg - ballot looking models in NE 3/80 have UV all else none (doesn't matter [source name] -Woody) Gregg - want to make sure NE is ready when required (assume SVN is correct)

Gregg - PA inherit scheduling, Rene asked if PA looked a sched universal CMET, create new A_Appointment_Universal but there is one Woody suggested new name A_Appointment_Comprehensive_Universal or deprecate old CMET, do analysis to see if old is used raise in MnM will do 2 ballots, first for comment

Andy - wiki updates proceeding

Austin - CMET ballot by domain, CMets advance independently? or whole package? Woody - as before based on bylaws advice of CTO (re-open pool or 2 pool)

Adjourned at 4:47 PM Eastern